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The next step: Willis Tower -- Skyrise Chicago

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Is it just me or does the Willis Tower  looks a bit like the Barad-dûr in Lord of the Rings ?


Skyrise Chicago.
 A stair climbing event that supports the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.
Formerly the Sears Tower, now known as the Willis Tower. Technically it is 110 floors, but participants only have to stair climb 103 floors to the observation deck.

Yes, you can take a snooze afterwards on the glass floor patio.

Why am I doing this ?  I have been stair climbing for sport and charity for the last 4 years, all in armour. I want to challenge myself and give back to the community. 501st style.
I have never been in a building taller than 80 floors. So this is going to be my next challenge. I'm going to once again Stair Climb in my Sandtrooper armour, push for 40 minutes to complete 103 floors, and raise $150 to donate to the Institute of Chicago. 

Matt Frysztak, aka Hitman, TK 8596 from the Midwest Garrison will be joining me on the adventures to conquer the fire stair ways of one of North America's tallest free standing skyscrapper!  



I will be in Sandtrooper amrour lite, with no pack on, full speed sprinting.


This event also takes place 2 days before my birthday. Just saying.

Support our cause, donate:  http://ric.convio.net/site/TR?px=1285850&fr_id=1130&pg=personal

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Cool, a Willis here.. but from Ontario, CA :-)

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I can barely climb a couple of stairs in my armor. let alone 103 floors! 

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