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E-11 Bapty build/ Hyperfirm transformation.

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As I am working on my sandy I wanted to post a side build I am working on, my E-11 BAPTY .  I have read many builds and WIP on this project. One to thank BDGR for the awesome tutorial, outlining the basic for the conversion.  One of the things I wanted to retain was the durability of the hyperfirm. This will end up costing a little more buying parts that are mental vs resin .

I am using one of my Hyperfirm Rubber Elite E-11 blaster for the base and started with the break down. 

I will post pics a I go along and note the source of items that I will be getting.

Hyperfirm Elite E-11 Here is the unaltered E-11


Parts removed. Some popped off with a little twist and glue gave way, others had to be cut off using razor knife. That part was painful to cut stuff off an Elite hyperfirm.. J


Trigger and guard removed, Here is the trigger guard I made with some aluminum stock. AEBD98E6-F3EB-43C2-814A-EA3DC8A5AF65_zps

Mocked up on the frame. You can also see where I cut out the magazine are to be able to insert the magazine.


I used JB plastic weld and plastic bond to fill the areas stuff cut off and the knurling on the handle. I will sand them to smooth in prep for paint and weathering.  I also created a buildup that you see here to mimic the end where one piece was inserted into the other. I will add cut/weld lines later before paint.


Modified counter. I cut out the window area and will be using clear window with counter graphic.


Rear sight filled with Bond and Front sight side opened up.


That’s all for now, Today is box day and the plastic window is arriving in the post. Also arriving today id the magazine I ordered. For the mag I bought the metal airsoft magazine. It looked really good in the pics and was only $14 shipped I will post pics of it tonight.

Other parts still needed

Aluminum sight rail and M38 scope. I was going to buy metal for each for that durability.  Was thinking Tosche Traders for the rail and there was a nice metal scope on Ebay this was the one I was thinking any feedback on all of this is appreciated.


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Update after a couple items came in today. First using the plastic bond vs plastic weld on the handle, the weld holds great and is easily filed/sanded while the bond was more rubber like and when sanded peeled off ...

magazine - looks good, I am not the expert by far but it is made of sheet metal and fully functional for airsoft , well for now anyways . I will need make some modifications to the holder, not sure if in the end it will be easier to remove and add.  This piece was only $14 so no biggie is this ave don't work out.  Easy finish on the counter, add speaker terminals to ends and will be set.



Super excited about the window. Carved out the space from the hyperfirm counter window was $12 off etsy and came with the printed numbers. I left it so much like the real sits out some, this is just a mock up for now.


Easy finish on the counter, add speaker terminals to ends and will be set.

More to come..




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On ‎9‎/‎6‎/‎2016 at 11:25 AM, Griff34221 said:


I was happy with what the counter will look like. only $12 for the window,

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Too bad Photobucket has ruined the pictures above! I haven't posted in a while but work is been slow but steady on the 11 hyperfirm to Bapty project. Here are the recent shots . I have to attach the scope rail, need an m38 finish paint and weather.

I ended up completely cutting off the end of the magazine from hyper firm re-creating the receptacle and using an actual piece of magazine from the airsoft version.



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