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T-21 Scratch build MkII

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So following my first scratch build of a T-21 I had plenty of material left over to build another, so I now have an idea of what I'm doing here we go again.....

I followed the template from Pandatrooper but this time was able to use more reference pics as some of the lads from Britannia Patrol managed to get some 'hands on' time with a real Lewis gun (Thanks Nick and Lee).

So my main body turned out much better than the first one which is already a good start!


Using the new reference people pics...




(These are just a few)

I was able to make a more accurate and detailed (well for my skill level anyway) top cover and main assembly.

Many hours with the jig saw, Stanley knife and Dremel lead me to this point....


A first coat of primer and it's taking shape



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Took advantage of the great weather today so got some more paint on the T-21


It dried pretty quick so I was able to start the first layer of detail




Still got more to do and hopefully will be done by Friday!

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