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How I attached the Sniper Plate

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So I wouldn't continue the threadjack from this thread here http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?showtopic=14033&hl=

The Rocket Scientist - as I refer to my husband - designed and helped me construct the way to attach the sniper plate.

It was originally attached it the way I think most people do - with something glued to something else.

However - the plate would pop off when it made contact against the thigh.

So we needed something flexible that could move when it made contact. It would also have to be able to take any abuse - like bending forward or crouching down to take pics with kids or the low altitude high-fives with little kids.

The Rocket Scientist came up with a two spring design.

The two springs were picked up at the Tractor Supply Store. They came in a kit http://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/mixed-small-springs-1-assorted-kit?cm_vc=-10005

Two matching size springs were used.

They were epoxied onto the plate with some fiberglass mesh. The kind that you get from the hobby shop. It is a finer weave.

The white square in the image is where I spray painted the springs, and masked off the rest.


You can see the washers sitting on top of the springs in the first image.

Those were a little larger than the size of the spring. We measured to where the plate should look right. And adjusted where the washer sat.

The spring was then attached with a machine screw and nut.

In the image below, I am holding the nut with a pair of needle nose pliers, then there is the washer, the greave and the machine screw being screwed in with a screwdriver.


The next image - I used a "hard" hot glue to set the plate into the right position. I filled the void in the center of the springs. The top one, not so much. The top one was going to need to move around more.


The end result - the plate is at an angle and still has flexibility and can take some abuse and get bumped around.

If for any reason it needs to be removed or readjusted - I can just undo the machine screw and melt the hot glue and redo.


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