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The Adventure Continues: Stair Climb for LA.

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( Like a TV show recap )

Previously on Stair Climb Adventures:

Imperial Sandtrooper TD-9815 was not satisfied with his final results in his Stair Climb at the Sheraton Wall Center in 2014. So he pushed harder in his training in 2015. He reached his new Personal Best at 8:42 seconds, and climbed the 42 floors twice.

And now, it's time to take on a taller building.

98 second Teaser:


Destination: Los Angeles, California.

Building: The U.S Bank Tower ( Formerly known as the Library Building )

Floors: 75

Cause: Fundraising for the YMCA Downtown LA Community programs

Goal: Climb 75 floors in 14 minutes ( Maintaining the current Personal best based on this years climb in Vancouver )

On September 25th 2015,

Get ready for the next chapter of Imperial Stair Climbing Adventures!

Want to help ? Donate here:

This is going to be my first time stair climbing outside of Vancouver. If it all goes well, I am going to try attending the CN Tower stair climb in Toronto.

If you still don't know which building I am stair climbing in LA, it's the first building that got blasted by the aliens in the movie Independence Day. 8)

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