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Help starting my build.

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Hey folk's i am still rather new. But i have got my very first kit! Partially,i am paying for part's separately and i got so far my armour for my Sand-trooper armour. (All that is missing is pauldren,helmet,boots etc i just got the basic armour) So want i need help for is assembling. I am finding it great trouble getting over the fear of making a mistake,measuring wrong on my armour,How do you folk's get over the fear of this?

Also i am finding it hard to get any sort of proper tutorials on armour assembly of the sand-trooper armour,as i want to be as accurate as possible (Gagues from piano wire,rivets,measurments etc)

And the last problem i am facing is that i do have a rather big body type,And want to close off the sides of my armour,When i test-fitted it (uncut) I found out i have a large gap on the side's. I found out from the forms i can close these off with attaching the same kinda plastic under the armour,and making it flush on top with possible putty or some sorts to fill in the small gap. So dose anyone know where i can find extra ABS plastic for this enough so i just have to deal with the gaps on the armour insted of making multiple gaps.

I am just finding it hard really to jump into it all. Any sorta tips would help,As time is of the essance for me as i am trying to organise to buy some of the essential parts so i can attend "For the Love of the force" Convention in manchester (as i study away as well i only have some weekends to at least assemble the armour)




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Hi Ruaraidh,

As i'm nearly done with my first build i can totally understand your fears and doubts. But i can just recommend you to look closely to reference pictures, do step by step and don't hurry, always look and measure twice, and if there's a question don't be affraid to ask ;) a good start are the biceps and forearms. When you spend a few hours trimming you'll be more and more firm.

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Hey brother, welcome to the world of armor building. There a few threads that can give you some guidance. Just do some leg work. As far as the sides are concerned you can order some abs off Ebay or contact the maker of your kit and they might be able to hook you up with some.

Assembly should be taken slow as previously mentioned. Do you trimming in stages to ensure you don't cut too much. Get a feel with how it fits.

If you have a specific question you can message me at dirtyboysquad@yahoo.com

Have fun bro

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