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2015 Q&A thread MEPD CO candidate "dutchy"

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Brothers and sisters of our beloved MEPD.

As I am one of the candidates who is running for CO this topic can be used to ask questions. Keep it neat and MEPD worthy.

Please bear in mind that you have to adhere to forum rules, most importantly NO Flaming, Trolling, or Bating. Violators will recieve penalties in accordance with forum rules and will be removed from the Question and Answer thread.

My opening statement can be found below this post.

Justus/ dutchy

Good luck and godspeed to all!


Opening statement dutchy

Brothers and sisters of the MEPD

Being in charge of a group of people who are so close is never easy. People who are in charge are mostly very charismatic and are an example for those who believe in him/ her.

Therefor I would like to take you on short a trip down memory lane with me, the lane on the MEPD.

When I first heard of the MEPD I was immediately grabbed by the way people respected each other. It felt like coming home and the members were as friendly then as they are today. That is also one thing that makes the Brotherhood that has come to life here so special. We are here for each other.

I don't see myself as such a person, but I know that I have been around long enough to say that I will do this task with honor and keep the MEPD on the level that we are today, discover new possibilities together with all you troopers out there and bring us to an ever higher level.

The CO at that moment was TD-1536, Mike Harrison. He has set the standards of our current position within the 501st and brought it to a higher level. So many discoveries were made on a regular bases, really exciting times!

There were some bumps on the road but we made it, as we are a coherent group that will overcome anything that is thrown towards us.

I myself would really like to bring that feeling back to the MEPD but mixed with the knowledge we have today. See it as an old school trooper with new school skills. That is the best combination possible from my point of view. This because we must never forget where we came from and started off with.

Therefor I will not take down what others have started but continue to build and maintain. Think about all the great programs started by previous CO’s and our current CO.

I don’t see any problems ahead for the MEPD, only possibilities.

Trust in me as I trust in you my brothers and sisters of the sand.

-Dutchy, Justus

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Hi Justus,

congrats for your nomination!

you know that i tried to start a rework of our CRLs, specially of our SWAT CRLs.

What is your plan to get a new level of higher standards?

Thanks and good luck my dutchman;-)



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Lol...another topic with Q+A ^^

Ok...like Felix wrote...what is your candidate programm to bring the MEPD in another higher Level...especially in the SWAT programm?!?!



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Felix, Daniel

First of all thank you for your questions.

I'll answer both your questions in one reply.

Concerning the SWAT program, it is already on one of the highest levels of accuracy within the whole 501st. We of the MEPD have a pedigree in that so to speak and I want to maintain that level and show the rest of the 501st that we are the king of the hill when it comes down to accuracy. ;)

The main thing for the SWAT program is to keep and maintain it accessable for all troopers that want to go the extra mile with their armors. New discoveries concerning each specific trooper need to be taken in the requirements of course when people are emulating a trooper of course.

I would also like to create, or have someone being made responsible for creating, a breakdown of each and every trooper that was seen on screen. Not to make it easier but as a guideline for those who want to go SWAT.

Think about the breakdown that Rolf, TD-252 created. This breakdown could be used as well and expanded with specific SWAT details.

Concerning candidates for the Police officer and SWAT program/ members and aspiring TD's.

We have an excellent program set up to make people enthousiast about the MEPD with our different programs. I would like to continue this line and communicate about it on a regular bases on all levels possible. Think about social media, our newspaper etc.

I'm also thinking about a new staff function that will be in this line.

I hope that these answers are satisfying for you both.

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Great opening statement Justus.

Having met you in person and watched the way you carry your Sandy duties for yourself and your garrison, I have no doubt in my mind of the passion and commitment you would bring to this post. I'm glad that your answer included a nod to making the SWAT program still accessible to those who want to achieve it. The MEPD has an amazing network of support from all over the world and there are times when I fear the constant drive to achieve higher standards could leave some people in the cold.

As a community, like any other, conflict can arise. Opinions can differ and exchange can become heated - sometimes due to personality, sometimes due to misunderstanding and language barrier. I have to say I rarely see this on MEPD but nevertheless, as CO it will be an issue you may face.

I cannot ask you how you think you will resolve any specific issue but I would like to ask, what is your general philosophy in conflict resolution.

With much respect,


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Ricky, Ruggero and Joe...thank you guys so much for your support.

Joe, to answer your question:

The language barrier has never been a problem, but sometimes things can be interpreted the wrong way. Luckily we all have our hearts in the right place and are sharing one common good, our love for the sandtrooper.

But this is where I would step up to the plate if anything should occur.

I would see myself as a liaison and try to "take the cold" out of the air and bring it back to a level that it will be understandable for everyone.


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Again, thanks for your support troopers

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ma man is nominated :-) good luck !!!

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Great opening bro...

Here is my question.

SWAT program was designed to be evaluated vs individual shots of specific troopers on the movie. We replicate armors as they look, but sometimes walk the extra extra mile to also make them like they were...

That can turn into subjective appreciations and not as objective evaluations.

We all accept and actually take a lot of pride on that. We as a Detachment makes us feel special, elite, as a whole... but some people outside the MEPD might see it as not clear or objective enough.

What are your thoughts on these subjectivity-objectivity issues regarding SWAT program.

Not asking for a solution, just your opinion.

Good luck.


PS. Will ask the same to the other candidates.

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Hey hermano!

Thank you for posting a question and an excellent one too!

My vision/ opinion regarding the subjectivity/ objectivity issues for SWAT are actually plain and simple.

We need to stick with what we do best and that is being the most accurate Detachment out there. There will always be people that don't get it why we do it like this. I also see us as ( this is going to sound a bit strange) messengers who bear the responsibility to carry out the message of accuracy.

This is what makes us sandtroopers stand out in a crowd, people recognise us of the MEPD because it is like we just walked of the set.

Therefor the SWAT program is cursed by some and praised by others......

Haters gonna hate ;)

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You're more than welcome bro'.

I hope this answer was satisfying.


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