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Operation Diamond Plate ( Crush those stairs already, TD! )

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**********************INCOMING TRANSMISSION: EYES ONLY ******************************

Operation Diamond Plate:


Actual Event: Stair Climb for Clean Air 2015, Vancouver, BC.

The British Columbia Lung Association has been hosting this event for over a decade. Participants raise money for lung health by climbing 48 floors of stairs in a non competitive and competitive way. Climbers range from as little as the age of 5 to athletes in their 80's. Firefighters from across the province attend every year by climbing with their full rescue gear on.

And then there was one TD. Three years ago, I told the world that I would take the stairs in my full armour on. Results: 8 minutes 50 seconds.

However, that's nothing to brag about, because last year, my time fell back on 10 minutes and 5 seconds. I was not satisfied with my performance, so I went rouge and trained even harder in the last 5 months.

So in 2015, I will need to finish the climb under 8 minutes 45 seconds. That is my ultimate goal.

So join me fellow Imperials, Rebels, Bounty Hunters and citizens of a galaxy far far away, help me raise over $700, support and bring awareness to Lung Health and other active healthful lifestyle, OR come out to the actual event on March 1st 2015.

And for anyone who is from another Garrison that wants to join my stair climbing team, you are more than welcome to contact me. Last year, Katie Dueckman, our reserved TI / Imperial officer climbed it and crushed the stairs. It's never too late to join the "raid" !

The Empire's secret weapon.


Donation Page:

Facebook Page:

Training Progress Blog:

**********************END OF TRANSMISSION********************************************

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Nice one Yves!!!
Looking forward to seeing you crush that target.

Keep us posted

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Good luck :P

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