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Pouch Review Thread - Post Your Pouch Pics Here!

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hi guys, i want to make my owns pouches. can i ask if somebody have the patters or measurements?


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So here is the question that I have for everyone...do you use MP-40 pouches on both the shoulder and hip? I've been trying to read here and figure out exactly what I need to start looking for and buying as I start my build and as I work for P.O. status but I'm just a bit confused as to exactly what I need. I originally thought it was 2 MP-40 pouches but after doing some reading, I'm not so sure. Any advice/direction you can give me would be great and helpful for other newbies down the line.


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Here's my 'freshly delivered' Leather Stolla Wein replica pouches from Blaster8266.


Obviously need to weather here and there, but not a bad effort at all.

I also have the fleabay MP38/40 shoulder pouch from china. I used the matt black spray can effort with some balsa wood mag inserts and it it definately black now.

Although it is a bit 'crispy'.

So I've ordered another one to hand dye. The wife will never again let me use the washing machine to dye stuff anymore apparently. :whistling:

I've got some black furniture dye and have been coating my back pack straps with it. Covers well and once dry it doesn't seem to come off. I just used a paint brush to apply it neat, straight from the bottle.

I expect that the shoulder pouch will take the dye a lot better than the straps, as they have had 2 coats now and might need a third.

Nice and soft still though. Not cripsy like the spray can method. :6:

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Here's the closest picture i got with look sir droids's pouch, compared with canvas of the suspect pouch above it :P


I still believe this particular pouch is made of fabric instead of leather, because you can see(forgive my idiotic looking arrows :lol: ) there are sew lines on each sides of the flaps, I don't think the leather ones needs to be treated that way

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Hey there bro!
Welcome to the MEPD. Hope you find everything you need here and soon be a Sandtrooper. The link of your pouch takes me to the site not the pouch. Could you post a new link or pict for review.

Nice pouches. Where did you get them from? The stolla Wien looks awesome. Would need a little modification on the flaps for swat. But nothing difficult or dramatic.

Hi there!
Yes. The one with the small tool pouch would go on the pack's shoulder strap. The other one, well, it's not really used on screen so it won't take you further than level 3.
That's something we all go through. Buying a set when just needing one.


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