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Found 1 result

  1. Got started on my T21 build while I'm saving $$ up for a set of armor. Finally got a few pics to get a build thread started. I'm doing a scratch build using Pandatroopers templates and lots of inspiration from all the build threads I could find here and over on the FISD. While I’ve been at it I spent a lot of time looking at threads on builds and what was available out there as far parts and pieces. I noticed that it’s pretty much feast or famine when it comes to the T21s. Either you go all in and purchase an awesome Hyperfirm or ready built blaster from other members who do great work, or you’re left on your own to make all the parts from scratch. I love making stuff from scratch but I can see the advantage to having some things you can purchase if you like to save a lot of time. So with that in mind I started doing molds and resin casts of most of the time consuming detailed parts. We'll see as I go along, but my thought was that if it turns out like I imagine it will, I'll offer up for sale some of the parts I'm making to help people have a sort of "kit" for those parts. I think it'll save a lot of time and work for those who'll utilize it. Let me know your thoughts on this. Although I've got a ways to go before that. But I'll start my build thread here and go from that. Thanks for looking! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Obligatory stock shot Starting the side details Working on the ammo tray Test fitting the rear sight Testing the tray on the stock Got some stock shaping done Test fitting most of the side pieces together with the tray on Getting set to make a mold Mold looks pretty good:) Time to try a cast Cast of the side detail panel Cast of the ammo tray That's all for now. I'll update more as I go along. Cheers! Roger
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