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  1. Well, I figured it was about time that I officially become a part of MEPD. I have always wanted to be a Sandtrooper and since I now have the packs down, I think I am ready to go for it. I am going to post my progress on here so people can review and let me know how I am doing. While I have built over 75 packs in 1 year, I have only done a few armor sets. Of course, I will have to build as if I am going for SWAT, so accuracy and detail are going to be very important to me. This will not be a rushed build. I figured since many build threads have been lost, I could make this one very informative so it could possibly assists others with their first builds. I just received my armor today from Jason Hill. He makes excellent armor and he also provides many of the pieces for the packs that I build. Armor: Jason Hill Pack: Crookknight's Imperial Trooper Packs Boots: Crow Props - Giovanni Rodriguez Pouches - Crow Props - Giovanni Rodriguez Pauldron - Crow Props - Giovanni Rodriguez Replica Sonic 75 Radio - SandieComms - Ian Havenhand DLT-19 - Hyperfirm T-21 - Custom Build (not by me) Here is the package I received today:
  2. As many of you may already know, Walt (Walt's Trooper Factory) is going to be auctioning off a full Sandtrooper Ensemble. This includes a pack. Crookknight's Imperial Trooper Packs will be donating a pack to this great cause. I will also be building my very own pack at the same time. I am doing this thread so newcomer's can see one way the packs are built (as there are many) with today's technology. I will be using parts from different vendors for this build (I will mention them shortly) and also 3D printed parts. On this top post, I will be adding the progress picture of the pack, once I have the frame completed. I will also be updating the below list with where I am getting parts and materials from. Frame: CPVC frame (unless my karrimor frame arrives in time) Radio: Donated by Ian Havenhand of Sandie Comms Cistern: Accurate version (will let you know exactly where I am getting it from) Upper Left Tool Box: Original Brexton Sandwich Box Upper Middle Detail: 3D printed Plunger Top / properly dimensioned wipes bottle Upper Right Detail: 3D printed Exhast Box and Pipe Upper Right Side Detail: (5) Capacitors made from PVC Right Side Detail: Black ABS 2 inch pipe with 3D printed end caps and mortar control panel (aka Thermal Detonator Plate) Seed Trays: Jason Hill Left Side Detail: PVC Pipes ......
  3. Hello, I'm Noah from Garrison Tyranus, and have been getting together a kit over the past few months with the local help of some garrison mates. Here is my progress so far (pics below; helm and armor) * I still need to file the eye ports down some The kit is WTF. My biggest debate is determining the harness system which will hold everything in place. I'm 165-170lbs, 6'1". All I really care about is the armor staying on my body and not falling off; is there a preferred harness system? I plan to use velcro mainly (I have the industrial stuff from Lowes) , I'm not really attracted to snap buttons much at the moment. Any direction on where to go or recommendations would be appreciated.
  4. Thought i'll share here my troop last weekend for the Force Friday Weekend here in Jakarta with the 501st Indonesia soon-to-be garrison. This we troop to thank our most beloved Disney for everything they've done for us. (really...i am serious). Where'd they go?
  5. Hey everyone - I've got my first kit on the way and I couldn't be more excited. Up here in upper UPPER Michigan, we have a little 501st crew - and already have a Sandy in the ranks. I'd like to do a Rogue One Jedha Patrol with the "Kyber" backpack - and it seems there was some (lol, a LOT) of back and forth over where this armor fit. I think having two "sand" based troopers with different variations would look really cool for our troop, and don't mind going for the difference in appearance. What I'm looking for are some 501st CRL's as I can't seem to find many clear answers on if this is an approvable armor. Any answers are helpful! Sorry if this has already been addressed, I'm the FNG!
  6. Brothers and Sisters, Both FISD and MEPD have reached consencus about the following: R1 Jedha sandtrooper and the Kyber patrol trooper will be added to our ranks. Both CRL's must be made and will be added to the CRL eventually. But before that can be done both characters must be recognised by the 501st. This doesn't mean that you can't start building one as we do need some excellent pictures for the visual guide part of the CRL, so let's see those WIP threads popping up! A special section will be created for each new character, as is done for the other characters that are part of the FISD. Currently we are also looking in the CRL for the SE TD, so even more exciting news! I understand that this is a significant change for the MEPD, but we do need to keep moving forward and welcoming new members that have exciting new armors or will build one. WELCOME TO THE MEPD R1 Jedha sandtrooper and the Kyber patrol trooper
  7. Troops, I want to use this thread to discuss the Jedha trooper in all its glory as it is named a "sandtrooper". The way I see it is that the troopers in R1 are a variation on the sandtrooper costume as we know and that the sandtrooper we currently know is an evolution of this armor. They are deployed on a planet to uphold the law and we also have deployed troops called Police Officers/ Swat Officers that do exactly the same thing. The armor itself has the R1 stormtrooper as a base so we do share specifics with the FISD on this trooper with the exception that this specific trooper has a pack, a heavy blaster, pauldron and weathering. There is also one other trooper that wears a pack in R1 , the "Kyber trooper" but this costume is definitely not a sandtrooper and should therefor belong on the FISD. I'm hoping to see a constructive discussion over here and everybody is free to contribute, so fire away troops!
  8. Hello all! I recently bought a TD armor from Walt's (WTF) as he had a kit available to ship last Friday. I got it today and I'm excited about it. As this is my very first kit, I am also very intimidated as I need to do everything from scratch without a diagram or labels on the parts. Also, I need to buy all the tools and fasteners. I am aiming for SWAT approval but may settle for a Police Officer as I do not want to be tied to one character. I ordered the orange and white pauldrons and will be ordering different pouches. I also plan to get a E-11 and DLT-19 blasters. I'm leaving the backpack for the very last. First thing I will be doing is buying the tools to start trimming the excess stuff and order some brackets and the masking decal for the helmet. Anything else I need to do or buy especially before the build process? I need all the help I can get!
  9. Good morning,

    is it possible, to send you the pics for the PO gallery?

    Thanks, Thomas

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    2. bigwam


      Hi, great!

      I will send you th pics from me and my son for the Police Officer gallery:

      So, i send the pics to the same adress like the adress from the certificates?

      Regards, Thomas



      Yes, that is correct! Sounds good!

    4. bigwam


      Great, i will do so! Thanks so much!


  10. Hey guys my name is Hunter. I joined MEPD in February of 2011 with the hopes of finishing a TD. I had bought an old fx kit and attempted to convert it to a TD. I was 17 at the time and pretty new to building i got defeated very fast. I also didnt have a steady job. i was pretty much a dumb kid haha. Anyways i ended up trading off the Stormtrooper and always regretted giving up. Now as a 22 year old with a couple jobs and way more build experience under my belt. I have returned and im finishing this time. My roommate had recently talked about selling his TD as he had a Tie Pilot he was in love with. We made a deal and i ended up with an AM suit. Ive been currently re weathering it. I have some trimming to do as we are different heights. I have all the pieces i need just need to do some mods. I sewed a new belt with the help of my friend. I am looking forward to joining the ranks. Progress pics incoming lets get dirty. My roommate in the TD Backpack Working on a new canvas belt. Scrubbing for 2 hours. Clean and dirty Pile of armor Cleaning up Some of it on the chair
  11. Hey folks! So i hope to finally get my application going for the 501st/UKG this month/next. And one of the last few problems i have is Armour damage. So sadly i got a few armour cracks from trooping/traveling and not being able to find a suitable place to keep my armour (Getting a Mannquinn soon for display/Organisation) I have tried a few things,Like putting E6000 on a white bit from an old shirt,and gluing it down,The crack wouldent stay flush. I have also tried putting a spare bit of ABS on the back and yet again woulden't stay flush. I have considered just using the white bit from an old shirt again as some back support,And use Bondo to fill the cracks and sand it down. But i haven't found anyone who has done that idea yet,I was wondering if anyone can help me about this? Crack on the lower cod piece is the most damaged,There are a few cracks on the under of my helmet/cheek but this is how it looks. And my last question i hope to get some unwanted paint marks off (the acrlyic sorta created these "lines" from my stupidity with the paint and bring a quick rush job,Which i now know never rush anything with the armour) But if anyone has used a simple electric sander on the armour to get rid of acrylic paint,If it would be okay to use it on the armour? Thanks. Rue~
  12. Hi all, I am working on a sandy, made from ATA HIPS 2010 armor. Question is, do I need to paint the body of the armor, and do I need to paint the helmet with gloss? I figure since the TD's are weathered anyways, I may not need to paint the body at least, and maybe would do the helmet in something other than gloss? Any guidance is super appreciated and happy trooping! Kevcofett
  13. Hey folks so i recently got the last items for my sandtrooper. All i need left to do is create the shims on the sides and redo the strapping and i should be applying to my local garison. My problem is the odd loops i got on the side pouches,i can't figure out how it feeds on to my belt,or if i have to take them off and re-sew them. Any help? Thanks.
  14. Hey folk's. So i'm building a TD. And it's been fantasitc so far,Dispite it's not finished already i taken it to a few event's and people adored it. At the moment i have a while till my next Outing. So i am taking this time to work on it (re placing straps and positions,etc) My current problem is i don't like the way i dirtyed it,and i never put any other kind of white on it,all that was there was the normal ABS white. My current build has a sorta yellowish colour to it. So i have been looking at different spray paints and was worndering what kind of white is best to use,and any tips on spray-painting. I was also wondering if Gloss should be okay,as i been looking at this Ceramic white gloss. Thank's (P.S: i know some parts are in odd positions and bits are missing,And the pauldren is really rubbish it was a cheap one i got online,And that's what i mean by i am currently fixing it with proper straps )
  15. Sup, here is a second trailer of the: Star Wars Battlefront: Co-Op Missions Gameplay Noob rebels shooting Sandy Great game !!
  16. Hello one and all! This is Kristen Bowes from Garrison Carida and I have come across an issue with my TD. I have come to the assembling part of my TD and i'm trying to find a way to correctly fit my ATA armor. The problem I am having is with my chest and ab plate armor. Me being 5''4 with a shorter torso, the chest plate covers a good portion of the ab plate, including the two buttons. Should I trim the chest at the bottom removing the return or is there another way to do it? Would a shorter chest affect if I wanted to apply for SWAT status eventually? Any help would be very much appreciated. -Kristen Bowes
  17. Hey guys, Finally finished my backpack. There were about 5 months of research, sifting materials. Thanks for the help of people like Mike "Trooperbay" Harrison and Gordonator. Happy New Year ! !! ! ! Pics Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with
  18. -EDIT- I have gotten 1 out of 2 Small Spanish Pouches. I have yet to purchase or find a good link to an MP40 one. -END OF EDIT- Hey MEPD Officers and cadets. I am looking to finish my build for the Docking Bay 94 V1 SandTrooper. I would like to see this completed before next con. I started this project in August of 2011 and its already been about a year. I got my armor, pauldron, undersuit, bucket, T-21 already done. I have trooped at one comicon event and then around my block a couple of times. It's been a real pleasure and also hard times working on it. I let it go the past couple months after recieving negative comments from fellow members on the way the "dirty" look of it stood out too much. However, now I want to finish it, and I'm looking for cheap pouches. I'm not striving for complete accuracy or anything like that. Just what can get approved by the 501st and into my garrison. If any one knows of someone who crafts these, or a good collecter to buy from let me know please. Thank you.
  19. MY 1:3 SCALE SANDTROOPER FIGURE Alfredo has a thread going in the for sale section but seeing as i have been a member for awhile i should do my own post Excuse the quick paint job he is just tacked together so i could get some pics of him in one piece ps i forgot to put the thermal detonator control panel on for the photos i have recently got a tupperware lid which will fit nicely for the radar dish as well to replace the one i made.
  20. Hello guys long time Well its been a while since I did anything to progress on my TD build, so while I was at Amazing Arizona Comic-con I picked up a couple things, and this was one of them. Star Wars (re-imagined) Electrobinoculars. This is a very authentic pair of Electrobinoculars concieved by a individual by the name of Kurt. Kurt is a prop specialist who takes toys and such and creats cool looking props. He sold me this for around $20 calling it sandtrooper binoculars. This may be so, but the "Macrobinoculars" especially the 'T' series looked a little different. If your a Star Wars fan like me, you may remember that Han Solo used one that had a little different look. Two eye pieces instead of one rap around. You'll see that in a different image. The inside screen view of the Electrobinoculars. Right view left view
  21. Hey guys, I just started experimenting with Adobe Illustrator. I drew a circle with lighting effects and a couple of shapes on the same page to get warmed up and then I drew my very first piece of Illustrator Art: This cartoony version of a sandtrooper. Meet Dirty D