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Found 10 results

  1. **Let me know if this isn't the correct place for this**Hey all,So you may have seen my recent post but I'm new here, saving for an RS Propmasters kit and I'm doing some planning for what i need to buy in future.While its a long way off, i would eventually like to reach the SWAT level with this outfit in time meaning i should work on the correct weathering when i get it. i've looked around and there are a lot of the ame troopers because of the abundance of images and info but because i love to see variety & opening the flood gates for new options for TD's of the future (and i like making my life hard ) I've decided to go for an obscure trooper. I also have a fondness for the DLT-19, always have, so I'm looking at the Enlisted trooper with the DLT-19 that runs behind the crates on screen left in docking Bay 94. I'm currently trying to determine which of the 6* armours he's wearing.The notes I've collected from my investigation are below with some helpful images I've found. Any help you guys could give me in my quest would be amazing! thanks By process of elimination, i know it isnt armour 2, 3 or 6 (as named in the below image by Art Andrew i believe on another forum) since we see them in enough detail in the scene in another shot or the marks are very different on the chest. in a behind the scenes picture i found it appears he has a stain on HIS right side leading me to believe its either amour 1 or 4 since 5 seems to be extremely dirty. the other alternative is that there is a mystery 7th trooper in this scene! could this be an armour not listed?I cant tell for sure what backpack he has, but by the bulk I'm thinking its a No. 3 "move Along" pack. if someone could confirm this it would be awesome. but the other details seem fairly straight forward having one Ammo pouch on his shoulder and maybe a second on his left side belt?The fact that the helmets are swapped between scenes and shots doesnt help as the most noticable feature seems to be his low "Brow" on his helmet. but i think its the one being used by the chap behind the DLT officer to his left with the enlisted pauldron, mainly due to the before mentioned brow. thoughts? Once again, i'm not too experienced in this and any help would be great but any aid given would mean the world to me, thanks in advance
  2. Hey all, I'm new here and I'm hoping to join the MEPD; & Southern Cross Garrison here in Australia! I'm a few Grand into saving for a RS Propmasters Kit (ANH Sandtroopers) I had a question in regards to mixing medias, I know that this inst Legal to my knowledge, but i saw the Kyber Patrol Pack a while ago and love the look it gives and was wondering if it is allowed to mix the pack with ANH armour (instead of the Classic pack)? Same for my DLT Blaster rifle, although i love this rifle as it is, i'm considering adding a Black sling to it as seen in R1 for ease of use and extra style, is this allowed or no I'm not quite sure about the extent of the rule to not mix? (I will also post this on the MEPD facebook) Cheers in advance!
  3. Hi troops, i don't know if here is the place to ask you , where I can find a good kit for my helmet interior, similar to this :
  4. I just realized that Photobucket.com won't host 3rd party pictures anymore! That means that all pictures posted in public forums such as the MEPD forum won't show up anymore unless you pay for it from now on. I used Photobucket from the very beginning and all pictures i ever posted here or in any other similar forum will not show anymore. The only way to have your pictures back again is to pay Photobucket big money for it! I will switch to another photohoster as soon as possible, i'm not going to payfor it... Do you have the same problem and what free photohoster is the best in your opinion?
  5. Hello all! I recently bought a TD armor from Walt's (WTF) as he had a kit available to ship last Friday. I got it today and I'm excited about it. As this is my very first kit, I am also very intimidated as I need to do everything from scratch without a diagram or labels on the parts. Also, I need to buy all the tools and fasteners. I am aiming for SWAT approval but may settle for a Police Officer as I do not want to be tied to one character. I ordered the orange and white pauldrons and will be ordering different pouches. I also plan to get a E-11 and DLT-19 blasters. I'm leaving the backpack for the very last. First thing I will be doing is buying the tools to start trimming the excess stuff and order some brackets and the masking decal for the helmet. Anything else I need to do or buy especially before the build process? I need all the help I can get!
  6. Hey folks. So working on the TD,And i think i am almost done done to join the 501st. But currently i am not happy with my weathering. I used just acrylic and alot of black oil like acrylic rather then a sandy look. I have seen a few sandys here in the U.K who have great weathering with Fuller's Earth,My current problem is that i don't know much about the fuller's earth in the uk,As i saw american videos that have dark browns,sandy and grey colours. So if anyone knows where to get these kinds of coloured fullers earth it would help alot but I have been thinking of alternitives,As i am currently living in a island in scotland and we have many amazing beaches here (Already planning some good photos in the near future,currently in the western isle/stornoway). And i thought maybe i could collect some sand tommorrow,re-spray my armour white with Appliance paint and work with real beach sand,acrylics and possibly even order some black sand from the internet. I was just wondering has anyone tried this?. Thanks a bunch guys (p.s just a photo of my armour currently,i know the arm is funny looking,it's a w.i.p but just to show i think i can do much better on the weathering on it) http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah118/Ruaraidh_Mitchell/Sandtrooper/stormtrooper%201_9_zpssdvuxbcv.jpg
  7. Hey folks! So i hope to finally get my application going for the 501st/UKG this month/next. And one of the last few problems i have is Armour damage. So sadly i got a few armour cracks from trooping/traveling and not being able to find a suitable place to keep my armour (Getting a Mannquinn soon for display/Organisation) I have tried a few things,Like putting E6000 on a white bit from an old shirt,and gluing it down,The crack wouldent stay flush. I have also tried putting a spare bit of ABS on the back and yet again woulden't stay flush. I have considered just using the white bit from an old shirt again as some back support,And use Bondo to fill the cracks and sand it down. But i haven't found anyone who has done that idea yet,I was wondering if anyone can help me about this? Crack on the lower cod piece is the most damaged,There are a few cracks on the under of my helmet/cheek but this is how it looks. http://postimg.org/image/gdps9fuwx/ And my last question i hope to get some unwanted paint marks off (the acrlyic sorta created these "lines" from my stupidity with the paint and bring a quick rush job,Which i now know never rush anything with the armour) But if anyone has used a simple electric sander on the armour to get rid of acrylic paint,If it would be okay to use it on the armour? Thanks. Rue~
  8. Hey guy's. So i have been hard at work on my sandtrooper costume,Really only need the boot's and a pauldren (got one but not sure about it). So i'm getting ready for this friday's for the love of the force convention down in manchester! So i'm writing this to ask about the 501st qulifications for backpacks. It sais for level 2 the backpack must not have personal liberties such as light's etc. I was wondering if anyone know's will it still be acceptable if i put hinges on one of the box's as storage. As i will most likely buy stuff and have no where to put it as cloak room's are not provided due to security. thanks
  9. Hey folk's i am still rather new. But i have got my very first kit! Partially,i am paying for part's separately and i got so far my armour for my Sand-trooper armour. (All that is missing is pauldren,helmet,boots etc i just got the basic armour) So want i need help for is assembling. I am finding it great trouble getting over the fear of making a mistake,measuring wrong on my armour,How do you folk's get over the fear of this? Also i am finding it hard to get any sort of proper tutorials on armour assembly of the sand-trooper armour,as i want to be as accurate as possible (Gagues from piano wire,rivets,measurments etc) And the last problem i am facing is that i do have a rather big body type,And want to close off the sides of my armour,When i test-fitted it (uncut) I found out i have a large gap on the side's. I found out from the forms i can close these off with attaching the same kinda plastic under the armour,and making it flush on top with possible putty or some sorts to fill in the small gap. So dose anyone know where i can find extra ABS plastic for this enough so i just have to deal with the gaps on the armour insted of making multiple gaps. I am just finding it hard really to jump into it all. Any sorta tips would help,As time is of the essance for me as i am trying to organise to buy some of the essential parts so i can attend "For the Love of the force" Convention in manchester (as i study away as well i only have some weekends to at least assemble the armour) Thanks.
  10. Hello brothers, My friend and Spanish Garrison mate Leno TD-16204 have a problem. He can,t access to the forum. He has used the recovery password system but the pass didn,t work. Can the webmaster reset the pass or help my sandtrooper brother? Thanks in advance.
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