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Found 2 results

  1. hi, im trying to buy from doopydoos the mod kit but every time i tried, i cannot pay, there no add button to shopping cart with chrome and when i tried to email them i received sending error like the adress does not exist anymore. is there another seller or better way to contact them. thank in advance
  2. Fellow Sandys, As you know, us TDs/TKs aren't on the top of the pay scale at the good ol' Empire. We have to make do with our meager paychecks. I thought I'd share my cheap and easy E-11 prop build in case there are any other troopers looking for an inexpensive E-11. I used Rubie's Star Wars Rebels Stormtrooper Costume Blaster from Amazon, a drill, some paint, and some greeblies to spice it up. The blaster isn't 100% screen accurate when it comes to size and shape, but it is pretty close. With a little TLC, you can turn a toy into a nice prop. Greeblies used: Electric shaver power cord from Amazon for $5, got the idea from whitearmor.net 5/32” x ¼” pop rivets from Home Depot for $5 Hard drive screws from work for free 3 pin inline mic connector used as the Hengstler counter connector, from eBay, 2 for $5 shipped E-11 power cylinders from Shapeways.com for $10 with coupon E-11 D-ring from Shapeways.com for $2.50 E-11 D-ring mount from Shapeways.com for $3.50 Scope reticles for free from whitearmor.net If you are interested in the build, you can check out the YouTube video here: Its not the best looking blaster in Mos Eisley, but it is a fun build and not terribly expensive.
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