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  1. Tim Landwehr requesting deployment 501st ID-TD-88980-http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=15209&costumeID=124 MEPD Forum name-tytlinez Garrison-Wisconsin Garrison This is the series of photos I took for deployment request. Let me know if you guys need anything else and thanks for all of you help and support in the process. The armor is AP and was my first TK build that I just transformed to sandy. It was time to get dirty! Front photo bucket off Mug shot bucket off Front shot bucket on Right side arms down Right side arms up Left side arms down Left side arms up Full back shot Action shot 1 Action shot 2 Action shot 3 Action shot 4 Favorite action shot with my BFG Bucket Front shot Bucket Right side Bucket Left side Bucket back Hovi Mic tips Frown Green lens proof shot/mesh in frown shot Trap shot no lines Three screws on ear proof shot Tear no lines proof shot and lighter blue tube stripe proof shot Chest plate no ribbed shoulder straps No ribbed shoulder strap shot with canvas attachments Shoulder bell attachment with snaps and sew on shoulder bell snap Back plate Six split rivet detail painted white Close up of detail Snap detail Cod piece details attached with rivet and double snaps Sniper plate front shot Sniper plate side shot Thigh ammo box close up with cap rivet detail Thigh with ammo box front Forearm with no return edge proof shot Bicep with no return edge proof Three button panel Belt with covers and corners detail TK Boots size 9 weathered Glove with flexible hand plates glued on Move along pack front (Thanks Dirty Boy!) Move along right side Move along left side Move along close up on TD Weathered pauldron Weathered Spanish ammo pouches Neck seal E-11 Doopy Doo full resin with mods shot 1 E-11 shot 2 E-11 shot 3 custom working spring and slide E-11 D-Ring detail T-21 Blaster
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