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Found 9 results

  1. Given the relatively recent addition of the excellent reference photos provided by Machine's post (found here), I decided to draft a series of technical drawings of the Lewis gun and its various components to be used as printable to-scale plans for those wishing to begin a T-21 build. These were drawn with the most accurate measurements I could gather from the reference photos, done with as little estimating as possible. I did my best to provide dimensions where I felt they might be necessary, while other drawings are meant to be traced directly to their respective material. I will provide images of the sheets here for the purpose of review and hopefully as many suggestions and critiques as I can get to make the drawings as useful as possible. For those of you with drafting experience who would like to have the raw CAD file, feel free to PM me! And for those who feel the current drawings are at least worth a try, I have the 14-page PDF document ready upon request! I myself will begin my first T-21 build tomorrow using the current drawings, progress of which I will be sure to link to this thread. Thank you in advance to any and all help you excellent troopers can provide!
  2. Hello all, time is right for me to post here. This will be my 2nd month coming into assembling this T21. The biggest handicap for me in doing any DIYs has always been location, location, location. I'm in this part of the world where things are not readily available. Trust me, we don't have screws, bolts, & nuts like on the outside. Thanks to template from @pandatrooper, greeblies & guidance from @spOOL68 (please don't hate me; but i still have lots of questions for you). First off the materials: I have the electronics from this EE-3. I believe has a decent sound for a T-21 blaster. Slings: 1944 Lee Enfield repro (need 2 of them) & Lee Enfield no.4 butt sling swivel. This is the proper way of attaching the two together. My base wood colored it Java: My base pipes: (ugly i know) coated it silver: Pre-installation, important stage here as i planned on installing the electronics in. Had to extend the cables as what came are definitely too short. Wood will need to be chiseled to properly embed the cables. Now the greeblies (awesome from Roger's btw): Just today, had to make the stock brush "playable". That's all i have for now, this is obviously a WIP. What i am most happy about so far: Thanks for watching. Appreciate any feedbacks.
  3. Fellow Sandys, As you know, us TDs/TKs aren't on the top of the pay scale at the good ol' Empire. We have to make do with our meager paychecks. I thought I'd share my cheap and easy E-11 prop build in case there are any other troopers looking for an inexpensive E-11. I used Rubie's Star Wars Rebels Stormtrooper Costume Blaster from Amazon, a drill, some paint, and some greeblies to spice it up. The blaster isn't 100% screen accurate when it comes to size and shape, but it is pretty close. With a little TLC, you can turn a toy into a nice prop. Greeblies used: Electric shaver power cord from Amazon for $5, got the idea from whitearmor.net 5/32” x ¼” pop rivets from Home Depot for $5 Hard drive screws from work for free 3 pin inline mic connector used as the Hengstler counter connector, from eBay, 2 for $5 shipped E-11 power cylinders from Shapeways.com for $10 with coupon E-11 D-ring from Shapeways.com for $2.50 E-11 D-ring mount from Shapeways.com for $3.50 Scope reticles for free from whitearmor.net If you are interested in the build, you can check out the YouTube video here: Its not the best looking blaster in Mos Eisley, but it is a fun build and not terribly expensive.
  4. Of late there has been a lot of interest in the T21 blaster, not least because if its recent appearance in the new Rogue One teaser trailer and for my part, for the past several weeks, if not months, I have been trying to design and build the most realistic and detailed T-21 blaster possible. Using my background as an architect and designer the end goal has been to arrive at the very next level in accuracy for our Sand Troopers. I have previously designed 3D parts for friends including a Dredd Lawgiver. Based on reference photos (thanks alsol to Machine for his excellent collection), blueprints, technical manuals, as well direct measurements from a real Lewis I have painstakingly recreated the details of the gun as a 3D CAD model from which a kit of prototype parts has been 3D printed from PLA plastic. This has not been a short process. This has been a tale of trial and error; of research and diligence, designing and redesigning each individual part sometimes several times in order to best represent the real deal with as few compromises as possible made whilst at the same time designing to facilitate the limitations of the materials and the 3D printing technology. And we are still not quite there I think. Each part is, I would like to say, currently around 95% accurate in terms of dimensions and details and an ongoing work in progress likely taking a few iterations to get it to the 99% level of accuracy I would like it to be. This has been a project with my buddy Johno who has been carrying out the initial base build of the mkI T21 Lewis and I thought I would share our progress to date for your enjoyment. Here we go: It starts with around 40 individual component parts… Detail of receiver section… Dry fit of the main sections: receiver and barrel built around 20mm aluminium tubing… Stock mkII: wood grain detail and prototype wood filament print… Blaster fitted, assembled, bonded, and primed… Some detail of top of receiver... Various other details… The overall weight of the blaster is a svelte and very troopable 2kg. The next build version will feature a smoother barrel without the visible faceting, and will be able to be disassembled for travel/storage. We are also developing a version which will feature a working bolt and cartridge feed action. I want to again thank Johno for assisting with the build. We have come a long way in a short time. ​More as it progresses...
  5. Hi Troopers! My name is Chad (TB-61610) and my friend (BH-9847) and I recently started Diamond State Props. I wanted to share our website with our DLT-19 build. It's made of polyvinyl and is under 5 lbs. Here's a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5PtK5f62ZQ&feature=youtu.be We're also making our E-11 prototype now so I'll post that soon. If you guys ever need anything just shoot us an email. Thanks! http://diamondstateprops.com Chad Reverdito TB-61610 Diamond State Props
  6. Hi guys not been around on the forums as much as I should but for the past month and a bit ive been having a go at scratch building a T21. After building my pack from all sorts of found items a while ago I thought it was about time I took another look round my shed at work and cupboards around the house to see what I could come up to build one of these BFG's I used Pandatroopers templates and took inspiration from others builds here on the Mepd as well as some great pics from Anthony Bailey (Blaster 8266) and a build thread one of my Facebook friends Danny from Peru had done. I thank each and every one of you for your help one way or the other and I hope the end result here gets your approval My intention with the build was to spend as little as possible and with the exception of the spray paint (5 cans) and the Lee Enfield straps everything else you see below would have all ended up in a skip (bin). So here you go guys here is my T21, let me know what you think good or bad. I started with these: Used an old cup for the barrel reducer: A quick test fit: Various bits of scrap plastic to get this: Stock and grips sanded and shaped: Cooling fins and receiver parts again scrap plastic: Top part of gun with sight : Used these for the oil cannister in the stock (cut them down quite a bit): Another test fit: Roughly draw and cut out barrel sight: Priming the parts: Stained the grips and stock: Various wiring and tubing for the barrel detailing: An old hinge reshaped and painted for the stock: Some old metal bits for the sling mount: Barrel sight painted: Painted Satin black: Details added: Lee Enfield straps: Took these before straps arrived So there you go guys one T21 completed bar some weathering and all for less then 40GBP and weighs in at at just under 3kgs or just over 6lbs, I hope ive done ok with my first ever scratch built blaster and you guys approve
  7. I've searched these forums and Google but have a quick question on a T-21 build. I'm in the final stretch on a Pandatrooper T-21 and I need to start adding bondo to the side between the PVC pipe with the ejector port and the styrene parts of the receiver. I've used some screws and e6000 to bind the PCV pipe to the wood body and e6000 for hold the Styrene to the wood. Do I need to sand and remove the e6000 that sits in this gap between these parts before I add bondo? Will the bondo stick to the e6000 residue that is on the wood parts of the body? Thanks
  8. Hi there, now my two Bapty models are finished and i decided to make a little comperison between both of them. The comparison refers to some details out of the reference pictures i had. The references for my 2.0 model were much more better then for the 1.0. So i think that the second bapty is near the mark of an original Sterling. The basis for the blasters was the doopydoo-kit and 2 original Hengstler counters. For the 1.0 version i used an aluminium scope rail, for the secound the more accurate steal variant. What do you need for the build? (sorry but i didn't know some technical terms so i had to find out the best translation) - Dremel with a burr-/grinding attachment - steel file - green stuff - socked head screws (M5 in the metric system;-) ) - pipe of plastic to fill the barrel - acrylic (no silicon!!) sealing compound to fill the straining slot - and some small parts such as screws, splits, colors, nerves and references. Now the pics without further comments If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to ask!!!
  9. I purchased this from a vendor at Amazing Arizona Comic-con and need to know what accessory kit I need to get to get it 501st approved when i go to PCC this coming May. I have other photos linked to my facebook page. add me as a friend if you can't view them. https://www.facebook...&type=1 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=325251267496025&set=a.231310486890104.55253.100000334630289&type=1&theater
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