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  1. Bummer. Yes, post up some pics please. Doug
  2. My weathered Hyperfirm

    bump for fixed picture links
  3. Mepd.net Not Saving Log-in Info?

    Working now, so far, for three visits! Doug
  4. Mepd.net Not Saving Log-in Info?

    Any ideas yet? This is really aggravating! It really does turn me off visiting as much. Doug
  5. Mepd.net Not Saving Log-in Info?

    I'm having the same login problem. It's to the point where I don't visit as often. So how about it, any ideas on how to fix it yet? Doug
  6. What the *%&^$ is going on?!?!?

    As far as spending on "other" things, I just want less gov't in our lives, too many entitlements create a nanny gov't and I think that is just pathetic. What happened to personal responsibilty? Gov't should protect our country and our intrests, generate an environment for commerce and charity, support transit infrastructure, enact and enforce laws, minimize tax burden, and provide basic education. Let the free market and personal charity take care of the rest. As far as taking care of the "needy" (not talking needy mentally or physical here) -- teach them to pull up their bootstraps and not depend on handouts. We now have generations of folks who are cought in a cycle of poverty simply because they know no other way to live. So creating more entitlements just creates more dependants -- gov't sucks at this stuff. Man, I could go on and on... Doug
  7. What the *%&^$ is going on?!?!?

    No but they do protect it. Doug
  8. What the *%&^$ is going on?!?!?

    I didn't say Iraq, I said defense. With that said, we broke it (Iraq) so we have a responsiblity to fix it, what ever it takes. Doug
  9. What the *%&^$ is going on?!?!?

    Who(m)ever gets elected, just hope they don't let the tax cuts expire or the average folk will be paying $2100-2500 more in taxes per year and god help us if they create more entitlement programs (as promised) then not only will the tax cut go away but taxes will go way up. I want gov't spending tightened everywhere but defense, anyone promising that? Doug
  10. What the *%&^$ is going on?!?!?

    Economic ebbs and flows. Just figure this crap happens every 10-12 years or so, bubles burst, markets correct (back to reality), business as usual. Just tighten the belt for awhile and ride it out best you can. Energy-wise... What I hope happens is, fuel costs get so bad that the folks get ****** enough to force the gov't to create incentives for business' to fully develop alternatves then followed by the gov't creating programs to fund infrastructures to support those alternatives. Creates jobs and reduces dependance, go figure. In the mean time open ANWR to drilling and build more refineries already!
  11. My weathered Hyperfirm

    Thanks Guys! I wish the pics turned out better it looks much better in person. It's funny when folks try to pic it up expecting it to be a heavy metal piece -- lol. Hopefully the quick rundown on how I did it will help someone. Any questions feel free to ask. Regards, Doug
  12. Anh plastic.

    Disregard my above "brain fart". Ok here is what I've found out so far... HIPS was developed in the 1950's. The LEGO company changed from cellulose acetate to newly developed ABS plastic for their "bricks" in 1963 (still in use today). So there we have it, ABS was around during the 70's. Whether or not that is what was used is still in question. I'm voting for HIPS (for armor) because there are different "sheens" you can get with that material and it seems that ABS is too shiny (just opinion). Doug
  13. Anh plastic.

    I seem to remember reading awhile ago that ABS was patented in the mid 80's? Not totally positive about this (my memory is fuzzy at times lol), I'll try to dig a bit to find so more accurate info. Doug
  14. I tried to capture the subtle weathering details but I just couldn't get them all to show up. I started with the raw painted gun then started by spraying flat black, then adding silver, gray, brass and dark rust details using a combination of brush and ragging to apply the paint, then I went back with flat black ragging thick and thin over the detailing again then adding subtle silver and gray areas again then dull coated the whole thing then masked off areas I wanted to keep flat black then shot with gloss coat then lightly scotchbrited the whole thing more in some areas than others to get a weatherd sheen. whew! I fixed the links for the following pics.