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  1. Thanks for the answer mate ! Police officer is the level I'd wish to achieve when having my armor, SWAT looks a little bit complicated
  2. I was planning on ordering a pre-built armor, therefore my question on which certification the armor achieved. I edited the post because it was not clear, sorry about that
  3. Hello everybody ! I was wondering if anyone knew which grade of certification the RS Prop Masters Sandtrooper (pre-built) achieved out of the box ? Thank you in advance !
  4. Hi folks ! I'm Kevin, 21 year old law student from Brussels, Belgium. After knowing the 501st since 2015 but couldn't join back then (because I was 15), I'm finally gathering up the money for my RS Prop Masters Sandtrooper ! I hope this is the start of a great adventure ! I want to join the 501st for the love of Star Wars but also to help others, putting a smile on someone's face is priceless and that's why I love the 501st. Another thing I like is the trading inside of the 501st (patches, coins, shirts, etc.) That's all ! Thanks for adding me on the forum
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