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  1. Hey guys. I've been looking for a Spanish pouch and would like to stay under $60 for one. I have found some on Etsy for around $70 from TrooperBay but I also found some from a Military merchant on Etsy but the pouches look just a tad different. The description says they are for bounty hunters but the size and dimensions look so similar and the only differences I can see are the stitching on the front of the pouch. I tried to post images but for some reason I cannot do it because I've reached a limit. So I can only provide a link to the shop. If these are not acceptable if anyone can try to point me in the right direction please let me know. The listing link is here. https://www.etsy.com/listing/741496584/military-surplus-mandalorian-star-wars?click_key=2e1330cd77976488b0ffb2b767c6187900ffc3b5%3A741496584&click_sum=a4876446&ref=user_curated_list-3&bes=1&sts=1
  2. Hey fellow troopers any idea's on weathering our sandy packs and blasters? Should we use the same method as we use on our suits? Should we weather them at all? I currently use acrylic paints with colors such as burnt umber and territorial beige and khaki with a sponge brush and wet wash cloth. Any tips or pics of examples would be amazing.
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