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  1. hey everyone, I have an approved TK that I'm currently converting to a Sandtrooper. The kit is a MTK kit, purchased in December 2016 and approved as a TK (ANH - Stunt) in December 2017. Pics below are some more recent pics of the kit. Unfortunately the ABS started to yellow quite badly, and rather than paint the TK I decided to convert. I hadn't kept the kit shiny white, and there are plenty of scuff marks to match the yellowing effect. Considered converting to a heavy weapons trooper, but ultimately decided TD. The conversion means removing pieces. When I built the kit I used a lot of zap-a-gap, not much E600. removing the pieces has been slow and messy work, and I've been trying to not mess it up too badly. Hopefully the weathering will be able to disguise some of the CA glue residue, where i haven't been able to sand it down. Approved TK pics Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Progress Pics - lucky that I had the MTK kit and that I though to keep the original TD parts of the kit. Ab with plates removed and TD buttons in place Untitled Chest plate with shoulder straps removed - NB: holes are from some hidden snaps I used in the TK build, which will need to be filled with ABS paste. Untitled TK knee plate removed and TD knee plate - the TD plate has really yellowed, and you can see it here Untitled Photo showing the original elastic shoulder strapping that I used. Untitled Ammo pouches have been sourced from a local garrison member in Southern Cross Garrison. Pauldron has been ordered and is hopefully on its way.
  2. Hello there, just joining up. I'm a 501st member with an approved TK ANH Stunt, which I'm currently converting to sandy. With the Southern Cross Garrison in NSW/ACT of Australia.
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