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  1. Hello all. Brand newbie here. Thanks in advance for any help. I inherited a vintage HIPS Sandtrooper kit that was intended for a smaller framed individual. I've been able to properly shim the upper torso and my shins (greaves) but the thighs are presenting a unique challenge as I'm about 5 inches too short to close the rear gap and I'm already maxed out using the front closure at the front cover strip at 1.5". I'm sure many have faced similar issues. Q: should I cut out the raised portions that supported the old cover strip and shim there ( leaving the lower knee area ridge) or should I begin my shim on the raised cover strip sections? Once again thanks for any help/ input( BTW: armor has not been "dirtied up" yet!)
  2. Hello all! Newbie here to trooping . I inherited a 90's HIPS sandtrooper kit that was mostly all there (lol) and am 90% done after studying these and other 501st pages. I've got my application in at Cloud City Garrison and am waiting to submit, hopefully get approved (or get more refined ) and when the Covid clears get started trooping. Really hoping to someday get a group (outpost?) going here in Tillamook Oregon.
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