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  1. Thank you so much Greg and Thomas! Hope to get my BBB soon and post it here!
  2. Is there three levels of ranking? I know there is PO and SWAT, but is there just a regular Sandtrooper? and you're saying for a PO I can have mix the different pauldrons, blasters, pouches, field packs? but for SWAT you need to adhere to the specific combinations? Like the ones Pandatrooper posted in the Sandtrooper Armor forum? Thank you Thomas for helping me understand all my questions!
  3. Thank you! can I start working on an orange pauldron trooper? Or do I have to start with a no rank trooper/ black pauldron first? For the CRL it lays out all the different items in general, but do I choose one of the specific troopers to replicate and go from there? (like one of the black pauldron troopers with a DLT 19?) I am wanting to have a DLT-19 with my trooper, I have no preference on rank. What specific trooper do you recommend building to eventually try becoming a PO? So when I have a costume put together, who do I go to first second and third? my garrison, MEPD, or 501st? Sorry that my thought are all over the place, I have so many questions and I am lost on where to start because I don't want to make any mistakes.
  4. Hello, my name is Micah and I am located in Virginia. My final goal is to be a part of my Garrison (Garrison Tyranus) and my local squad (Sienar Squad) and join the MEPD and get 501st approved. But I'm not quite sure on the steps I need to take to make all that happen. Realistically I see myself aiming for either Enlisted Alley/Falcon take off V1 or No Rank Docking Bay 94 V1. So from what I can tell I get/make the armor, then I go get approved by my garrison, then 501st approved to get my ID, and after that apply for police officer? Or do I have to get approved as a regular TK and upgrade from there?I'm not sure on the order of things and any help/ guidance would be more than appreciated. Thank you:)
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