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  1. Make-A-Wish - Blue Jean Ball, Omaha, Nebraska; 4/2/2022
  2. Step Up For Downs Syndrome Walk, Lincoln, Nebraska; 10/2/2021
  3. Excellent work, Raymond!! Congrats on your Deployment..!
  4. ...finally able to get out there and log my first troop as a Sandy..! Wyatt’s Polar Plunge 4/24/21
  5. Congratulations, Thomas!! Right-from-the-screen PERFECTION!!
  6. Nice work, Helder, congratulations!!! It looked great before, but those updated photos of the added weathering look incredible..!! Top notch!!
  7. I love that look with the paint chips exposing the dark green underneath. Authentic as ****!!
  8. Thank you Jason!! I’m absolutely happy to share it..! Honestly there were a couple of times during the process, especially toward the end, where I cocked my head to the side looking at it and thought to myself, “holy s#!t, that worked..?!!”
  9. Thank you very much, Gentlemen..! And Thomas thank you again for the review!! Definitely noting the suggestions on the knee armor, as well as the pack frame!! Such a proud moment to be initiated among the best of Mos Eisley’s Police Department!! Thank you!!
  10. Hahahaha! Only as magic as the chemical reaction between acetone and ABS, I suppose, but from what I researched, that’s the beauty of ABS slurry; it’s pliable to fill cracks and seams joining ABS together ‘melting’ the edges to be joined, and then as the acetone evaporates it leaves the two pieces as one weld... As far as sturdiness, I haven’t put any more stress on it than I would normally apply to see if the parts held, but time will tell... Like you said, at least it’s not in a location that bears much, if any, stress!
  11. A few of you might have browsed through my PO Deployment Request, and many of you may very well have used this exact technique before, but this was first time I had ever tried using the ‘homemade ABS glue/paste trick’ to add plastic where it wasn’t before, so I figured I’d add it to my WIP. In the first review of my Request, I was made aware that the shape of the knee ammo belt on the right thigh piece was inaccurate - it needed a more rounded off edge than the slightly rounded 45° angle I had originally cut. My first attempt to remedy the situation proved inaccurate as well as it caused too much of a swooping curve back toward the fastening rivet than the correct shape. At this point I saw two options; one, I could order a whole new ammo belt, wait a week, or two, or three to receive it, only to have to cut it, shape it, drill out the old rivets, etc., or two, I could try my hand at attaching the necessary amount of ABS using leftover scraps to recreate the original squared-off edge which I could then shape to the correct curve. I went with the latter and opted for the more time-efficient solution; after all, I was in the middle of a Deployment Review!! Using scrap ABS, I fashioned triangular-shaped pieces that would complete the original squared off edge and held them in place with tape, securing the tips of the triangle pieces to the existing curve with a little bit of superglue. I then mixed up a little jar of ABS slurry from scraps of ABS and acetone and let it breakdown. When ready, I applied the glue to both sides (front and back) of the two ends of the ammo belt, knowing whatever excess would have to later be sanded. Letting that harden to the point I could no longer scratch a dent into the dried glue, I cut the new curve and began sanding down the excess. All that was left to do now was weather the new pieces, and this is what I ended up with: Here’s hoping I got it right this time , but even if it needs more work, I feel pretty darn accomplished with my first go ‘round with ABS paste..!
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