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  1. since I'm mostly done, or at least I think I am.
  2. I've come to a stopping point and I'm definitely stuck. i have absolutely no idea how to attach the shoulder pouches.
  3. in the last few days i was able to start on remaking my thighs, given its a fairly long process and with my limited amount of time to work on it I've started working on the weathering of the rest of the armor. disregard the fact that there isn't thigh armor its kinda still drying
  4. oddly enough i don't know how to use ABS Sludge. i didn't use it at all in my clone build. i started to make shims for the thighs i just cut off the cover strip i had, now I'm just waiting for the e6000 to cure. i tried another attempt on the weathering of the armor, its kinda hard to see my lighting wasn't great.
  5. I definitely didn’t use e6000 so getting them off will be a little difficult but I can probably get it done i was just using those for testing, how does it look
  6. Thanks for the tips, If I can’t take the back cover strip off could I bondo it to hide the seam the put a smaller cover strip over it i also made a few more attempts to weather this is the one that turned out the best in my opinion
  7. So I started this build as a Tk and recently decided that I wanted to make a TD instead because I knew being able to weather would make me feel better about the armor. I have most of the armor built I’m still in the process of learning to weather my armor and I’m kinda nervous to start.
  8. hello, im CT 29865 from Central garrison, about a month ago i started work on a TK then decided that it would be so much better if i was a TD so here we are.
  9. CT-29865 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=32557, requesting access
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