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  1. Ok, guys just want to give a quick update on the weathering. I almost finished the extremities and I'm kind of satisfied with the result. I'll redo the ankles tomorrow because they are really too dark and I think that it'll be problematic with the boots. The thights and shins need another round of black wash. Didn't mangage to take a full armor picture because my wife is not here to take pictures.
  2. Muddy is cool, too. But yeah... not the thing I'm aiming for. I've to say weathering a 1:1 part is different than weathering a small model. I started my first try on a "real" piece of armor. I want to overdo it a little bit at the ankles and getting it a less dirty on the way up. But it's maybe a little bit to dark on the lower part and I'll probably redo the shins later on. But I'll do the thighs and shoes first and want to get an impression of the lower body. And after disturbing bigwam on a sunday afternoon I'm kind of satisfied with the result and the wash. The upper and lower inside part of the armor and the back of the sniper plate still need some color.
  3. Just started with the weathering and tried an easy start with the handguards... I'm going for Pandatroopers Oily / Dirt Syle and hoping for the best. I'll downsize the next pictures.
  4. Nice Blaster! When I‘m finished with my Sandtrooper I‘ll definitly build one myself! Cheers
  5. Thanks for the welcome! guys! I absolutely have to carry it much more to find all the littel adjustments. I'll think a good start is to add some foam inside of the shin armor so they'll fit the lower legs better. I think the biggest issue with the hooks was that the armor was a little to loose and so the hooks didn't really got enough tention and the armor was wobbling around. I'll have a try and than I could leave it screen accurate. That's the disadvantage of not building it yourself... I've just ordered helmet padding for "tactical helmets" Bigwam told me at the german garrison forums to try an inlay for a construction helmet. I'll already have one inside my clone helmet and don't like this solution that much so I'll give the padding a try. And I'll definitly cut out the lenses seperatly from the foil... So more updates are up to come soon! Cheers!
  6. Hi everyone! My name is Arne, I'm 37 years young and from germany and located next to Frankfurt/Main. This year I fulfilled a childhood dream and bought myself a stormtrooper armor. But I always thought that just white is too boring and there is only one way to achive this. Right, becoming a sandtrooper - more specifically a deployed MEPD Police Officer. Because I don't have that much time because of my job but mainly because I have to left hands in terms of craftsmanship I decided to get a full build commission by RS. But I kept it clean because I wanted to do the weathering on my own. I waited about 5 weeks and yesterday three wonderful brown boxes arrived. I checked every part and except for a small part of the backpack everything arrived in one piece. So far so good. Yesterday I was to nervous to put everything on but I did today and I have to say that it fits quite well. I never wore a stromtrooper armor before so it was quite snug?! I don't know how to describe it... Some parts I'll definitely have to work on. The biceps armor needs to be attached to the shoulders and maybe I'll take away so material from the return edges to make it a little bit more comfy. The shin armor comes with three little hocks which you have to put in small holes. Very tricky and it doesn't really fit. I'm thinking about adding some velcro instead of the hocks. Maybe they get a little bit mir tighter than. And I'll definitely need another helmet padding... My head seems to be so big the foam which is provided by RS is to big for my head inside the helmet... So there is some work to do before weathering. I have a WIP Thread at the german garrison forums but and I already got some help, advise and small spanish pouches over there but I think that this is also a right place to have a WIP. Ok, just one picture of the first time wearing a still white armor... Cheers
  7. Hi folks, my name is Arne, I'm 37 years and from germany. I've orderd a sandtrooper commission at RS and the parcel is about arrive this month. I'm so excited and can't wait! I've ordered it in a clean version and I'm going to weather it myself. I've got a WIP thread at german 501st forum but I'll guess I should start another one here. Great oportunity to practise my english a little bit! Stay safe out there
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