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  1. Hello, my name is Edgar and I'm from Mexico, first of all I sent you a greeting and I wish that in these uncertain times you and your family are well. I intend to get the entrance to the Mexican Garrison I already have progress regarding the backpack, helmet, respirator and some details of the armor. According to the ones they took to create the CRL, it is based on a ROTJ, I have an ANH Kit that modifies the state to have the L1. He took into account those little details that the images of the EA game will see and pretending to include them in the basic approval. I share some images of the process, appreciating any comments to improve the final result. I got a lot from this forum and applied it in my construction. The respirator As I mentioned my armor is an ANH Kit that I seek to bring it closer to a ROTJ, for now I seek approval and with time and work continue to level up, I clarify that I use butt joints This is one of the details that I plan to incorporate in the basic approval, taking into account that the wear is still missing My boots are similar, allowable on CLR L1. but not for L2 or L3. Thanks and best wishes
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