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  1. Love your troop photos, and congrats on number 25! I used to live in Amarillo, so it’s neat to see you in that setting! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Yeah, honesty a local buddy of mine and seeing Christine's work is actually what convinced me to get into the 3D printing world (Ender 3 Pro) and plan on an AT-ACT driver down the road. I'm an OT guy at heart and have wanted to be a TK forever, so the combination of the black and white TK colors on Shoretrooper armor with the AT-ACT will be perfect for me. You are definitely spot on with the generosity of both Mr. Paul and Sean, and I could say the same about you with your Thingiverse files. I've downloaded all your T-21 variations and am still deciding on whether to purchase a 2.75" rod, 2.5" conduit, or the 2.5-ish" vac tube you used in your v2. I do really hope to make it to DragonCon this year--it would be my first con ever. I just need to complete my OT TK in time and get approved. I will (fingers crossed) actually be a member of the Venator squad here in GA, but boy would it be sweet to have the tank there. Along with the Horde's sandcrawler, of course. Haha.
  3. Before long you're likely going to set some sort of record for number of times reconstructing the same blaster! Your two threads have been VERY insightful as I've been gathering materials and plans for my own T-21 build, currently part of my HWT thread on FISD. Right now my plan is to do a pine stock and receiver with waste pipe and your 3D deck and other greeblies. I'm still deciding on the narrow barrel tip.
  4. Sweet! Did Christine convince you to go ST with your printer? An AT-ACT driver is on my to-do list, and though I'll likely use Nico's helmet files, I think I'll have to settle for Sean Fields' armor. Honestly I still don't really know the what the differences are, but of course Mr. Paul's is supposed to be the holy grail.
  5. Juan and Roger - Would you mind sharing with me a little more about your process of lining the barrel with the threading? What size you used, the amount, and adhesion technique? I've starting my own T-21 build and would like to incorporate this feature. Thanks! Urs - Did you ever find out more about the barrel lining process, and if so, did you implement it?
  6. I know this thread hasn't seen any action in four years, but can any of you four fine gentlemen provide me with your expertise on what wire of fishing line to use for the barrel texture, what length to purchase, and also the adhesion, wrapping, and painting techniques you used for your own builds? I'm starting my own T-21 build and had initially planned to add the texture by rough grit sanding the pipes on a DIY power-drill lathe, but I'm now intrigued by this option. It appears to be time-consuming, but I suspect very worthwhile compared to simply having a smooth barrel. Are there other alternatives to consider? Thanks in advance! -Caleb
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