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  1. So phone cable rather than the half-moon shape and paint it black. is that right? Thx for the replies
  2. Also still looking for an official guide to if the stock and pistol grip should be wood effect or plain black. I've seen several who have painted the fins just before the main barrel in gold. Any comments on that?
  3. Here is the image. Can anyone comment on the accuracy of the part?
  4. Is the T-21 supposed to be painted all black or should there be other colours? If so, where and what? I’ve seen lots of variants but no clear guide. The one on the crllooks all black with wooden stock and grip. Also, the crl says ”Sight shall be present on top where ribbing meets base” but no info on what it should look like... Thx
  5. Great, then it's just crappy lighting One less thing to worry about. I'll get to the other stuff over the next week and post updates here. Thanks for the help so far.
  6. Thanks. All in all, nothing I was not expecting but l do have a few comments/questions: 1. The grey colour: I used RAL 7031 which is what I was told was correct. Do you have a better colour suggestion? It's such an easy thing to fix so I don't mind doing it If that's the right code then it's probably just bad lightning like you said. 2. Can you just spray over the paint with the satin matte clearcoat? 3. Already got leather etc for the radio surround, just waiting for the wife to get her sewing machine out. I've got the socket parts too but they need the surround first. 4. I've actually made it in metal tubing cos I couldn't find any decent corner parts in plastic. I'll look into what I can do to make them stand out less. Thanks for the feedback, you haven't put me down at all It's only the joint parts that might be hard...
  7. Hi folks, I've almost finished making my pack. I need to add the mortar tube and the tube on the other side but, before I start permanently attaching things, I'd love to get some feedback from all of you. I'm not going for SWAT but would like to get Police Officer. Is there anything I would need to change?
  8. Now approved as a TD. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=6022&costumeID=2 Can I please get a new rank?
  9. 5573

    Radio variant?

    He’s not a sandie builder so he has no clue. It’s a typical, ” he said that his neighbour’s friend’s dog’s uncle said,...”
  10. Has anyone ever seen this radio before! A friend has it and says he was told that it was used for TD packs but I can’t see anything like it in the crl. Any ideas? Thx!
  11. Hi, Does anyone have any suggestions on where to get good quality parts for the backpack? I've managed to source a few originals and also some nice printed parts but some didn't come out so well The pieces I am missing are those inside the green line in this pic. I might have a line on a Sonix kit but any more options are welcome. Thx AW
  12. Andrew Walker 5573 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=6022 MEPD costumes: Sandtrooper in progress. Not approved yet.
  13. Haha, the username ought to have given that away Waiting on your PM.
  14. Well one Irishman to another, how could I resist? How much do you want for it? Got any pics? If it's easier for you, you could send it to my parents in N Ireland.
  15. I need one more measurement. The box in the top left (not the tube circled in the image). Does anyone know the size of it? Better yet, if you have a 3D file for it then I can get one printed up Thx
  16. It was this reference that I think shows all the angles being 90 degrees: At the bottom of each pack (admittedly you can only see one side on each), you can see that it is a right-angle. The two frames I have are both plastic so not sure which one you thought looked better but here is my interpretation. I know the homemade frame has no bend in the upright pipe. I'll do that later I'd love to hear what you guys think. Thx AW
  17. Thanks for the feedback. The biggest problem with the frame that I bought is the bottom part. It should be four 90 degree angles according to the reference pics but it's actually more like 90, 120, 120 and 90 again.
  18. Due to our good friend Mr Corona, not much has been happening with my kit but I am now trying to get back in action. The backpack frame that I bought off the web was all wrong But the good thing is that it's encouraged me to try and build my own. I looked at the Scootch guide and it's great but when I followed his measurements, things got a little weird. The sizes I used were 438mm (17-1/4"), 254mm (10") and 89mm (3-1/2"). I cut the pieces and roughly put them together... But when I placed my seed trays (bought from Trooperbay) inside the frame (just to get a rough idea), it looked wrong... It feels like the whole thing is a just a bit too wide. It might be because my corners are not as sharp as Scootch's... So, the question is, how wide should the whole backpack frame be? This is the one I bought of the web. I think it's a better width... What do you guys think? While I'm asking questions, the angle for teh bend in teh frame should bea round 30 degrees, right? Thx
  19. Could you perhaps post measure,ents of the height, width and depth? Preferably in cm/mm rather than inches. Thx
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