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  1. I didn't realize I could go with out the backpack! Wow well that helps. I'm starting to build my kit and the plastic is so incredibly glossy I'm going to have a hard time weathering it! It's incredible quality. Does the Sandtrooper weathering process damage the armor at all? Is it reversible? The armor is so nice I don't know if I can screw it up on purpose.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm new and a bit lost. I hope this isn't too random of a question. I thought I wanted to do a Sandtrooper but have some questions after being (nicely) talked out of this plan. It was suggested I do a Heavy Weapons trooper that can be weathered with charcoal dust, have a heavy blaster and a back pack but still have the drop boxes and can clean up to be a clean TK Stormtrooper for blending in with a group, or for when a back back is a hassle, say at a large convention with crowded floors. I have a new in box AM armor set. Like I said I planned on doing a Sandtrooper but thought that a Sandy and a Mimban trooper were the same really but with different weathering and backpacks. I know now this is not correct. I then realized that the Mimban Troopers have a different "Rogue One" helmet that is semetrical and has recessed chin bar stripes as well as a blast shield on the helmet. The Mimban CRL also has drop boxes, which Sandtroopers do not have obviously. If I build a weathered trooper with a ANH helmet and it has drop boxes am I painted into a corner where I cannot be anything other than a HWT? I guess what I'm asking is, what can I actually do with my AM armor kit? I am from the Pacific Northwest where is always muddy and the Mimban fits the best looks wise in my mind, and freaking love the troopers gear and poncho. Can my AM ANH kit be a Mimban Trooper if I get a different helmet? I'm kind of overwhelmed, I thought I have this all figured out. What are my options with this kit and should I stick with a Heavy Weapons Trooper/Vanilla ANH Stormtrooper?
  3. Greetings from Washington State! I've wanted to build a Stormtrooper armor kit most of my life, and decided I better get on it before I'm a grandpa! I have an AM kit sitting here ready to be built up, and think I have all the buttons, glue and what not to make it happen. I'm excited to finally get to do this! Now, do I build up a Heavy Weapons Trooper, Sandtrooper or a Mimban style trooper... ?
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