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  1. Hi Hausi, Thanks for the great news! I'm very happy with achieving the title police officer. I Want to thank you for the time you've put in to the review & the tips and tricks you have given to met the CRL. This was a nice expierence for me to do. I will contact Luis about the picture & start the hunt on those droids may the force be with you and maybe we will cross each other once more Gino
  2. Yeah I'm not that short I've managed to raise the shins about 2cm, that's the highest I can get them because they are hitting my buttocks in the back now. The belt has had a was with some potting soil. And the ammo pouches have been weathered on the edges and some subtle space with a fine sandpaper. Personal I like the weathering of the Spanish pouch more because the colors of the leather are nicer. But I'm also using the roadblock pouch to store my wallet etc. What's opinion about the adjustments?
  3. Hi Hausi, Thanks for the review. I'm really happy that so much is checked and cleared. You're right about the blaster it's a lot better now. About the needed changes, that shouldn't be a problem. I will go and weather the pouches and dirt up the belt. About the tighs, I think I'm able to lift them 2-3cm by shorten the strappings. I hope this would be enough? I left the gap on the top a bit to high so my gap on the knees wouldn't be so big. Don't wurry about the suiting up again Pictures will follow during the week. I've holliday this week so time enough to get dirty
  4. Hi I'm back with the new pouches and adjusted weathering on my blaster. I've add a few of the pictures in higher quality now.
  5. Hi, Here my 2nd attempt for the pictures, My GML told me to upload the pictures like this, so they are in full-resolution: https://imgur.com/gallery/mvgxWut -Ammo pouches are ordered. How much you think the ammo belt should move down? New pictures from the E-11 blaster are also posted in the gallery. Yours sincerely, Gino
  6. Hello Hausi, Thanks for the quick reply. Can you specify which pictures you want clearer? it's not possible to upload them all bigger because the limit given is 0.08MB. For the ammo pouch, I will dig in to it and order another one asap. How much you think the ammo belt should move down? I Will start on weathering the E-11 Blaster.
  7. Name: Gino Maertens Forum name: Gino Maertens 501st member page: https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=31120&costumeID=2 Garrison:Belgium: Belgian Garrison Flanders Dragon Squad Edited: 27/10/2019 Uploaded pictures in higher quality.
  8. Hey I'm requesting acces for 501st and sandtrooper section. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=31120&costumeID=2
  9. Hey, I’m approved since 2 Sept. Can I still order one or am I to late?
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