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  1. That's cool, ill just follow that thread and see where it goes, I'm in no rush. It would also appear that the CRL states the backpack is optional? Im assuming its for inclusion reasons but unsure because I don't think they're ever seen without? - looks like ive got some saving to do :p Thanks for all the help!
  2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By8lcQRTywc9RFV4Z05XUHRFdVE/view Hey, dunno if this is what you're after but I pulled it from the old thread, I think its the most recent CRL that was posted but unsure. I may or may not be trying to follow along with an armour I recently got so look forward to watching the progress
  3. Okay after loots of trawling, I've researched a bit through the limited info, as I understand it from the CRL (that isn't official yet) if I wanted to turn what ive got into an SE style I would require a black pauldron instead of the orange I have, obtain a new helmet that fits the ROTJ, obtain dropboxes for my belt, and change the buttons on the front of the abdomen? (im not sure if that last ones correct its all very confusing with the debate between armour style acceptability). I also saw that to my knowledge there isn't a completed set? I would be more than happy to try my hand at making at least the barebones of the requirements for PO with a little advice on exactly what I need to change, Thanks for the reply Sir! -edit, my abdomen armour also seems significantly different to that of the CRLs description (front is not all one piece, and does not seem to have space for the above mentioned buttons, any help appreciated
  4. So, I ordered this sandtrooper armour last week, it arrived as shown: (please excuse the toes.) So it all appears to be sandtrooper, apart from the helm which painfully is a black series. I ordered a pauldron from jedi-robe and weathered it, along with weathering the helm, and weathering/attatching the hand plates to the gloves. (i also have 2 mp40 pouches on the way.) and this is what ive come to (don't have a pic with pauldron on) : Now, when buying this costume I wasn't actually intending for it to be 501st approved or anything, but it seems like it could actually be close and it sure would be cool to join. Concerns are: 1.)The previous owner has maybe weathered it too much/not up to scratch. - Some armour pieces seem discoloured eg chest vs shoulders, and there isn't a brilliant gradient of weathering bottom to top. 2.) THE HELMET- is it worth installing new lenses, using a putty or something for the god awful audio holes and battery slide at the back then sanding/painting, and changing the paint for trapezoids ect or should I just source another? (also I am aware in the images the boots are meant to be covered at the top by the shin plates, along with the straps I have hanging out of my chest piece but those are easy fixes.) Any input would be totally appreciated - and if anythings a super major issue don't be afraid to just shoot me down, I get the big deal the 501st makes about accuracy and if this doesn't/wont even with work make the cut its cool by me- but im totally down to put some work in, as I stated earlier this wasn't my intention but considering how cool ya'll are I couldn't help but be curious :p
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