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  1. TD-69170 requesting access Doug Phillips https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=33412&costumeID=2 Thanks, Doug
  2. Aaaaaand cleared! Thanks for all of your help guys, much appreciated Just need a troop now.... Cheers, Doug
  3. Hi all, Have done a bit of work on this over the last few weeks, helped immensely by your feedback and by Trip over at the UKG My field pack arrived too... Cheers, Doug
  4. Thanks for the reply How can I move my bells in? If I shorten the strapping at the top it pulls my shoulder straps outwards rather than my bells inwards Yarp, I'm in the UK, in Berkshire (well known for its deserts There is an elastic strap, should there not be one? It's poppered at both ends so easy enough to lose it if I need to. Gloves are now on the shopping list, thanks Do you mean a harness that goes over your shoulders to stop the belt sagging? That's a nice idea. Cheers, Doug
  5. Thank you! Yes to both of the shoulder questions, I think I need to shorten the strap between the bell and the bicep. It does slip down a fair bit. I need to shorten the right thigh strap a bit, a popper on the belt to help stop it sliding round is a clever idea, thanks. There's some velcro from the anovos kit at the top of the boot, but I think something stronger might be in order. I hadn't considered a popper, that's a great idea Cheers, Doug
  6. Hi, I have been building my Sandy from a set of anovos armour (aside from helmet and shins, which are both RWA). I think I'm pretty much there, but would appreciate some feedback from people who know more than me. I'm not convinced my chest plate is big enough, and my thighs seem to have a mind of their own. Any tips/criticism/general feedback on the fit is appreciated Thanks in advance! This last pic was after I'd been wearing it for a while and things seem to have wandered all over the shop.... Cheers, Doug
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