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  1. Thats great news! Thank you for your help and guidance, it's much appreciated. I'll get updated pics taken this week and send them on. Thanks again! D
  2. Excellent, thank you Patience I can do, have a great troop Thanks, Doug
  3. Is it the the closures are too low/flaps too long? I can try and move be them up a bit if needed. What's my next move? I think I've ticked off all the changes that I needed to make? Cheers, Doug
  4. Hi, apologies for the delay, was waiting on the cobbler to finish my pouch. He finished it, it wasn't right, so have had a go myself... How does the below look, is it along the right lines?
  5. Excellent,t hank you! Have replaced the old ones with them: Cheers, Doug
  6. Hi, I have commissioned a replacement pouch from a local business, should be ready on a week. Is this snap more suitable? Cheers, Doug
  7. Hi, Thanks for the speedy reply, much appreciated I have fixed the cracked syphon The snaps on the ab and butt are snaps, but appreciate that they will need to be changed. Would the below be suitable (current on the left, possible on the right)? I will research a new pouch, will check in again before I buy. Cheers, Doug
  8. Doug Phillips TD69170 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=33412&costumeID=2 HugeBadWolf UK Garrison -One helmet off photo. This is not to be a random picture of you. It is to be a photo of you, in costume, without your helmet on. A mug shot if you will. -One full armor, helmet on, front photo. Show in one picture the whole look of your armor and gear. Also show Sniper Knee Plate clearly enough. -One full armor, helmet on, right side photo. Showing the pouches mounted on sides if you have them and the gap closed. -One full armor, helmet on, left side photo. Showing the pouches mounted on sides if you have them and the gap closed. -One full armor, helmet on, back photo. -One full armor, helmet on, back photo without backpack. -Canvas or elastic shoulder straps detail photo. -Canvas belt detail photo with pouches. -Abs details close up photo. Showing the 3 buttons an TD abdominal plate. -Detail photos of the rubber gloves and latex handguards - Detail photos of all snaps, screws and buttons on the armor. Bucket (pictures can show details individually or in groups): -A close up photo clearly showing the flat green lenses. -Detail photo showing no stripes on all grey traps and tears. -Detail photo of frown, showing 4 teeth cut out and grey paint. -Detail photo of hovi-mix mic tips (or replica) mounted on helmet. -Detail photos of blue tube stripes. Backpack: - Detail photos from all sides, separately Weapons: -At leas one picture showing the whole weapon (BFG or E11). -Detail pictures of mods required for the specific weapons. Finally: -One (or several) full body action (or attitude poses) good quality picture. Hope this is everything that's needed, please let me know if there is anything I've missed Cheeers, Doug
  9. TD-69170 requesting access Doug Phillips https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=33412&costumeID=2 Thanks, Doug
  10. Aaaaaand cleared! Thanks for all of your help guys, much appreciated Just need a troop now.... Cheers, Doug
  11. Hi all, Have done a bit of work on this over the last few weeks, helped immensely by your feedback and by Trip over at the UKG My field pack arrived too... Cheers, Doug
  12. Thanks for the reply How can I move my bells in? If I shorten the strapping at the top it pulls my shoulder straps outwards rather than my bells inwards Yarp, I'm in the UK, in Berkshire (well known for its deserts There is an elastic strap, should there not be one? It's poppered at both ends so easy enough to lose it if I need to. Gloves are now on the shopping list, thanks Do you mean a harness that goes over your shoulders to stop the belt sagging? That's a nice idea. Cheers, Doug
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