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  1. Would a good backpack shoulder straps with chest strap be like this one? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Backpack-Shoulder-Adjustable-Replacement-Outdoor/dp/B07F9SHX4L/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=backpack+straps+replacement+black&qid=1580406436&sr=8-5 the chest strap seems to be right below the sternum. But the shoulder straps seem rather large and not completely black. Wouldn't these show too much whilst wearing and make the sandtrooper costume not up to 501st standards? Could you provide me with the specific link to the straps you bought if you still have it?
  2. You put the strap behind the chest armor
  3. Does anybody have any suggestions on where I could get the backpack shoulder pads?
  4. I am getting the ammo pouches separately and I hoping to eventually get to SWAT level and therefore I need to know what material the ammo pouches are from the "these are not the droids you're looking for" sandtrooper, but the resolution online isn't good enough for me to tell whether its canvas or leather. Could someone help me out and tell me what material of the ammo pouches are that this trooper is wearing. (the sandtrooper from "these are not the droids you're looking for")
  5. What repairs would you have to make to them armor? Was it cracks like someone else mentioned? If so, how do you fix those?
  6. Thanks for all the help, but I would like to clarify some things. From my understanding ordering the SD costume from RS and not modifying it at all reaches baseline 501st requirements (tier 1). Is this correct? Secondly, I would like to create a concrete list of modifications I would have to carry out in order to reach PO level because I have contacted RSpropmasters asking them if they could do a few of the alterations as they construct it and they need to know what alterations need to be made before they can say yes or no to my request. From what I have been told so far these modifications include: change ammo-belt pouches from canvas to leather change color of backpack from this to this recommended (for durability), Change the hook and strapping method with straps and poppers. Add a rear sight to DLT 19 and put the charging handle in the right place. (Or would it be easier to get an E-11 instead?) Are all these alterations correct? Are there any ore that should be added in order to reach PO? Are any of them unnecessary? Again, thanks for all the help.
  7. Again, as I have said earlier, I'm not experienced with cosplay, so where would I get leather pouches for the ammobelt? Also where could I get a DLT-19 that is up to 501st standards and how would I weather the armor? Also, how could I change the color of the backpack (paint?)?
  8. I am trying to buy a sandtrooper costume (because, unfortunately I don't have the time or experience to build one). However, I have made sure to try and find an accredited vendor that has a reputation of selling products that are up to 501st standard. I have found one called RS propmakers and this is the link to the costume page: https://www.rspropmasters.com/store/sandtrooper/sandtrooper-suits/sandtrooper-fully-finished-commission/ The page includes all the specifics of the costume and all I would like to know is if this costume is up to 501st standards (also, if it reaches police or SWAT officer tier) before I order it.
  9. I am buying a sandtrooper costume (Unfortunately I don't have enough time or experience to build one myself). I searched for a long time to find one that had a history of 501st accepted costumes and I found a website called RS propmakers. I am planning on purchasing the costume from here https://www.rspropmasters.com/store/sandtrooper/sandtrooper-suits/sandtrooper-fully-finished-commission/ I would like to know if this costume is up to SWAT standards or at least police officer or just standard membership. Also if I would like to know if I need to modify it at all too.
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