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  1. I am using Imgur but I am still trying to figure it out. I did the tube stripes this evening and am going to hand paint the trapezoids above the brow as well. I also fixed the brow so it is not as low as it was. Thank you for your suggestions!!!
  2. Ive been working a little each evening on my TD. My helmet is complete minus the tube stripes, and I have begun the first steps of weathering on it! http://imgur.com/gallery/73Tgy5N
  3. Beginning the weathering process on first forearm https://imgur.com/gallery/AdS1X3h
  4. Beginning the weathering process on first forearm https://imgur.com/gallery/AdS1X3h
  5. Can anyone direct me to a tutorial for making my own pauldron from a bmx chest protector?
  6. So I started this journey in hopes of building a TK from Walt's. I was given the option to switch to a TD and the idea sparked a new sense of excitement!! Here are pics of the progress thus far of the TK. I welcome any and all advice and opinions! What is everyone's opinion on weathering? Looking for one of the easier options. Which acrylic colors, fuller's earth? http://imgur.com/gallery/xOxTFUm http://imgur.com/gallery/vFmhVt7 http://imgur.com/gallery/Nh1RXJc http://imgur.com/gallery/xOxTFUm http://imgur.com/gallery/fD94c7n http://imgur.com/gallery/S0wJYxr http://imgur.com/gallery/LgylbKx
  7. Thank you! I will upload my pics from progress on my tk shortly!
  8. Hi! I am new to MEPD. I was formeely building a TK and decided to go with a TD instead. How do I go about starting my build thread? Thank you!
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