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  1. I am wondering where a good place is to get the Pauldron from. And the undersuit, and also if there is a thread on weathering.
  2. I've taken the 1st big step...I've ordered my kit! I have a untrimmed helmet and armor kit, with a canvas belt and gloves on it's way! I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions that I'll be asking my local garrison and you guys. Thanks again!
  3. What's the difference between S and C trim?
  4. I would love to check out the thread. AP said his helmets now come with the darker lenses, but someone in my local forum told me he sends "C" trim, and I would probably want to get "S" trim for it. I have no idea what that means. Is this some sort of trim for the armor panels? Breast plate?
  5. I believe I got the business name from whitearmor.net. I'm in canada, and trying to become part of the outer rim garrison. It's a Canadian company so I was thinking proximity. From what I read and their responses. They make 501st approved armor. I do have picture. Do you mind if I send them to you? They were sent to me from authenticorps.
  6. Hey Dutchy! Thank you. I'm pretty happy to start this chapter in my life. Always wanted to be a trooper! My daughter is 6, and in love with the costumes, and the idea of daddy being a trooper. She hasnt seen the movies yet, but I was 5 when I 1st saw episode 4,5,6,and I literally watched the movies almost every day until I was about 10. So I think it time for her lol. I joined my local garrisons forum yesterday, so ill be asking them and you guys a whole lot of questions! As for a kit. I'm looking into authenticprops. I would like ABS, I'm about 5',7", 155 lbs. Has anyone here delt with authenticprops here? Or have suggestions where to get a kit from? I would like it untrimmed.
  7. Thank you guys so much! I will look into whitearmour.net. Unfortunately,I cant post in my local garrison as I'm not yet a member of the 501st. But I will contact them and ask if they have meets like this. I'm really hoping to get a suit assembled within the next year. I really want to be a part of what you guys do,and more I want to get my daughter involved too. As seeing her eyes light up with u guys was priceless. Thanks again for the direction guys! FOR THE EMPEROR!!
  8. Hey guys! I recently attended comicon in Victoria BC Canada, where the outer rim detachment of the 501st put on stellar displays! My daughter was in love with it all,we basically lived in the 501st displays for the entire day! I really enjoy what you guys do for communities and how you do it. So much that I really want to be part of it, so I would like to start researching on how to build a sand trooper suit,and join the outer rim detachment. From what I've read, I gather most go for kits that you assemble yourself, and to avoid certain sites, never buy off ebay, avoid re-casts and shady dealers. I'm wondering if anyone could give me advice on how to make armour plates, instead of getting them in a kit. I really just want to know how and where I should start with this. Thanks in advance!
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