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  1. My blaster is in resin. The scope is ok now, sorry for wrong pics For backpack, i have more pieces, i know sonixworld we are friends, just need money for my sonix radio thank you for pointing out the defects. unfortunately my arms are tight, more than that I can't do them. perhaps from the photos they seem large. I added an ammunition bag on the left side. I will try to take new photos as requested when I also have a backpack.
  2. Ok sorry. I will post pics when i m ready. The backpack is in mind, like a new blaster.. I lack the funds to carry them out. Thank you for reply to me Matth
  3. Name Matteo Crippa Id 501 TD18877 Forum nickname TD18877 Italica garrison
  4. Matteo Crippa TD18877 http://501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=29692&costumeID=2
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