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  1. Yeah they looked like they might be a bit heavy. Not sure in PO or SWAT has any specific characters that don't require the field pack.
  2. Thanks that helps, I know what to shot for once I ever get to the point I can get my first going. Just curious in order to be level 2 you half to have field pack correct? That's going to be a big issue for me on that part. Are there any PO or SWAT that I can build that does not require a field pack?
  3. Maybe a stupid question but are there any specific PO or SWAT that are not required to wear a field pack? Been reading few forums and asking and don't think my shoulders will be able to wear that pack for more than 5 or 10 minutes.
  4. Ok guess I should get this question answered. First off how much does the field pack generally way ? Also any other troopers out there have any shoulder issues, I screwed mine up bad in the army and Air Force and have issues just wearing a basic backpack of more than a few pounds and I get back and shoulder pain fast. Just curious with my shoulders is wearing a pack something that's going to be worth building if I can't wear it?
  5. So I'm best just to start from the go building straight to level 2 requirements like you said right. Just looked at the references library and there is only a couple small things so it's best just to build to level 2 for basic approval and then once I build a pack that's all I would need for level 2 approval correct?
  6. Thanks for the info I wasn't sure about how that all worked. Is there anything that is required for level 2 and 3 I can do for my initial build so I don't half to redo anything? I know I need a pack, the bucket has to be hand painted no decals, and the hand guards need to be the flexible style for level 2 and 3. Is there much else that needs to be altered from level 1 to level 2 and 3 I'm leaving out?
  7. I'm just curious I know the crl shows 3 levels for sandtrooper builds. Was just curious can you skip level 1 and 2 and just start your build at level 3 swat requirements or do you half to go threw each level? I'd rather when I do my first kit do a TD straight to swat level.
  8. You did a great job on your build. I had a question for you about your AM armor? I'm looking at AM because they are supposed to be for bigger and taller folks. When you put yours together if you can recall would it be good for someone 6'2 without having to add shims to make it fit for height? And most importantly what do you think of the quality of work AM does for the kit you got ?
  9. Hi. My name is Dave. I'm new to the MEPD board and still have not got my kit yet but working on it. I've been going back and for on either a TK or TD for my first build, and keep leaning towards being a Sandy for my first build, guess the sand and dirty color of the TD reminds me of my time in the sand box lol. Do have quite a few questions about the TD though. Not sure were on forum is best place to start asking the questions though.
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