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  1. Pictures were taken at a 70th Explorers Garrison armor party by Christopher Moody (TK-394), @chrismoody394
  2. I didn't even notice that on the arms until now, but I did see it at the knees in this pic from their website: It does have the appearance of R1 armor as well.
  3. Haha for sure!!! They had a few more from the trailer today
  4. Obviously, the game hasn't come out yet but allegedly this was a leak from an advert for SW Hunters game that is in development. Kinda cool to see this weathered trooper!
  5. 4. 08/04/2021 - St. Louis Cardinals - Star Wars Night
  6. 3. 06/05/2021 - ESB at 9 Mile Garden
  7. This gun looks great! Nice job! I have thought about doing one.
  8. You are on the right track with that spacing. Will just have to put in some scrap into it and then polyflex (I love polyflex) and build up and you should be golden.
  9. I know that with a TD designation you can get a shirt here: http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?/topic/7891-mepd-shirts-4ever/
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