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  1. This gun looks great! Nice job! I have thought about doing one.
  2. You are on the right track with that spacing. Will just have to put in some scrap into it and then polyflex (I love polyflex) and build up and you should be golden.
  3. I know that with a TD designation you can get a shirt here: http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?/topic/7891-mepd-shirts-4ever/
  4. 2. 07/18/2020 - ROTJ at 9 Mile Garden
  5. Yep! We are pretty exclusive Congrats on being the first in your garrison!
  6. We are a very small and exclusive group that's for sure! There are currently 10 approved Magma Troopers in the 501st. Including myself we have 2 in the 70th Explorers alone
  7. 1. 06/06/2020 - Pawfest 4Paws4Rescue Fundraiser Was about 100 degrees and 60% humidity for this troop. Reminded me of my time on Sullust
  8. Here is the main list of all of my MEPD troops!: 1. 06/06/2020 - Pawfest 4Paws4Rescue Fundraiser 2. 07/18/2020 - ROTJ at 9 Mile Garden
  9. Hello, TD-14631 here with my recently approved Battlefront Magma Trooper! Glad to be a part of MEPD.
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