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  1. I know that with a TD designation you can get a shirt here: http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?/topic/7891-mepd-shirts-4ever/
  2. 2. 07/18/2020 - ROTJ at 9 Mile Garden
  3. Yep! We are pretty exclusive Congrats on being the first in your garrison!
  4. We are a very small and exclusive group that's for sure! There are currently 10 approved Magma Troopers in the 501st. Including myself we have 2 in the 70th Explorers alone
  5. 1. 06/06/2020 - Pawfest 4Paws4Rescue Fundraiser Was about 100 degrees and 60% humidity for this troop. Reminded me of my time on Sullust
  6. Here is the main list of all of my MEPD troops!: 1. 06/06/2020 - Pawfest 4Paws4Rescue Fundraiser 2. 07/18/2020 - ROTJ at 9 Mile Garden
  7. Hello, TD-14631 here with my recently approved Battlefront Magma Trooper! Glad to be a part of MEPD.
  8. Hello! TD-14632 and I just got my Magma Trooper Battlefront approved tonight so I'm requesting 501st and MEPD access! Here is my profile: https://www.501st.com//members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=25371 Thanks!
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