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  1. Thank you Tony, I can’t wait to start working on it.
  2. While I wait for my Sonix radio to arrive any day now, here is a quick update of my pack with all of the painted parts. I am still playing around with the position of the mortar tube face plate before I glue it down otherwise let me know if I should change anything.
  3. Great job with the update, looks really good.
  4. SYPHON For the syphon I am using an RWA kit which I had to modify to look like a UP90, I just wished I realized that before I finished assembling it but I am happy with the end result. FILTER GREEBLE For the top of the filter I cut off some plastic from a recycled bottle and used a couple of hovi mic tips. I used a heat gun to flatten the plastic. I used the filter as a template and rounded the top which I felt looked the best. I used the heat gun once again to bend the top which will over lap the seed tray. I installed a couple of hovi mic tips since they looked fairly close to what was used in shape and size.
  5. I am looking for some help with the greeble part used on the side of this pack, l was wondering if the design concept that I came up with is pretty close to the look of the one that was used and would it be acceptable for all levels of approval?
  6. The Tamiya has a nice finish to it.
  7. BEE STINGER For my bee stinger I am using a Lion Star canteen which I purchased from Vincent. I don't believe I have done anything special with this part of the build, I just followed Airborne Trooper's idea and changed it up a bit to match what was used on the pack 1. The main difference that stood out to me was the size of the stinger that was used with this pack, it was stubbier than the other packs. I believe the closest thing that I could use was a piece of 3/4" PVC conduit cut down to 2". Let me know what you guys thinks. I removed the top and bottom which will make it easier to paint later on and gutted the inside of the canteen. I drilled the cap to allow the PVC to be inserted and I cut the 3/4" PVC down to 2". I shaved down half of the tabs and assembled everything using hot glue. I cut 2 4 1/2" x 3/4" brackets that I had left over and I will be using single 1" L-brackets to mount the bottle to the seed tray. I found that the L-bracket allow for better adjustment of the bee stinger once it is installed.
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