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  1. That’s great to hear, l am looking forward to seeing your build. I also feel for you, I gave myself a fair share of headaches looking at those images. You are possibly correct in regards to the mic tips, it’s hard to tell since there are a lot of dark shadows and no clear close up shots of those details.
  2. Good catch, I will swap them out.
  3. Thanks Urs, that really means a lot. I have no issues with doing the black over spray as an added touch. As for the frame I do have the end caps installed, it is just hard to tell from any of those pictures.
  4. I have added the finishing details to my pack, can't wait to start using it.
  5. Yes, since the original lettering was partially visible I decided to take advantage and try the wax crayon idea on the lettering instead of adding the stickers, I am glad I did that since it looks more weathered. Thank you Sir!
  6. Thank you, I definitely will be doing that.
  7. Hello Fellow Troopers, I have not updated this post in a while but here is a quick update of where my build stands. I finally completed my radio build, I added all of the details including the electronics. I added a mini amplifier and rewired the volume controller so that I can control the volume on my micro SD loop player using the volume dial on the front of the radio. Here are the pics of the build, hope you like it.
  8. Thank you Tony, I can’t wait to start working on it.
  9. While I wait for my Sonix radio to arrive any day now, here is a quick update of my pack with all of the painted parts. I am still playing around with the position of the mortar tube face plate before I glue it down otherwise let me know if I should change anything.
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