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  1. Congratulations´╗┐ Bro..
  2. Andi85

    *DONE* TD-16473 Requesting Deployment

    Congrats´╗┐ Andreas Welcome
  3. Thanks Bigwam Best regards from Germany
  4. Hi guys, many thanks for the nice words. I will now change a few things to the backpack. I'm very happy to be able to do it with you here, it fills up really well best regards Andreas
  5. jiaharrr just great . Thank you for all the support. You do not have that kind of stuff often. Hausi thank you for the nice words. Yes my next step is he SWAT, I have already ordered new thing these will arrive in early November and I will make any changes. So that my Cantania Capatain is as accurate as possible. Thank you all. I also learned a lot again.
  6. Thank you for the praise , the screws heads on all still work with the blue over
  7. Hi Hausi I have now painted the lunchbox and cut the nope. I have already ordered a new backpack so that I can start next the SWAT and can complete the Cantina Captain. greetings Andi
  8. Hi Hausi, that's no problem. I got very good help. Super glad to hear me. I will cut off the nope and paint the new lunch box. then tomorrow I will show the new pictures
  9. Hi guys, I have now changed the filter and worried me a new luch box. Unfortunately, I'm currently not from Brexton but I'm still looking for it.
  10. I'm glad to hear that, and thank you again for the info. Wish you a nice rest holiday in Hawaii
  11. Hi guys I have the things on the pack again realigned, the image is only for intuition is not ready. Tomorrow I drive a new oil filter look, and you still have a good tip which box I can take (the top right of the pack) looks better? Or gibr it for the oil filter an accurate Beseichung or measures he should have Thanks Dutchy, I am trying to get into your ranks