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  1. Thanks Bigwam Best regards from Germany
  2. Hi guys, many thanks for the nice words. I will now change a few things to the backpack. I'm very happy to be able to do it with you here, it fills up really well best regards Andreas
  3. jiaharrr just great . Thank you for all the support. You do not have that kind of stuff often. Hausi thank you for the nice words. Yes my next step is he SWAT, I have already ordered new thing these will arrive in early November and I will make any changes. So that my Cantania Capatain is as accurate as possible. Thank you all. I also learned a lot again.
  4. Thank you for the praise , the screws heads on all still work with the blue over
  5. Hi Hausi I have now painted the lunchbox and cut the nope. I have already ordered a new backpack so that I can start next the SWAT and can complete the Cantina Captain. greetings Andi
  6. Hi Hausi, that's no problem. I got very good help. Super glad to hear me. I will cut off the nope and paint the new lunch box. then tomorrow I will show the new pictures
  7. Hi guys, I have now changed the filter and worried me a new luch box. Unfortunately, I'm currently not from Brexton but I'm still looking for it.
  8. I'm glad to hear that, and thank you again for the info. Wish you a nice rest holiday in Hawaii
  9. Hi guys I have the things on the pack again realigned, the image is only for intuition is not ready. Tomorrow I drive a new oil filter look, and you still have a good tip which box I can take (the top right of the pack) looks better? Or gibr it for the oil filter an accurate Beseichung or measures he should have Thanks Dutchy, I am trying to get into your ranks
  10. Hi jcalus, super many thanks for the detailed info. I think so I can continue working. So I set the pack out and make the antenna black. The wire and the tape comes off again. should I also change the oil filter. in the picture this looks a little smaller and wider.
  11. Have now worked on the pack, but I'm not so sure if that's ok? I made the tape crosswise and wrapped the wire around it
  12. Hi Hausi, I got now the original siphon and mounted on the backpack. Hope it fits. best regards Andi
  13. Yeah great ... I'm reporting as well as I have the syphon
  14. Hi Hausi, I thumped the Armor again, that's easy to see on the shoes. They had the same hue as the Armor. the shoes are also steamed now, it just served to show how the color difference is now. best regards Andi