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  1. Hi brothers it continues, I will now continue to my Cantina Captain the Bapty DLT-19 is ready as far as a few details and the 1 parts for the backpack are also there and more are on the way.
  2. Thank you M4rick for the nice words. best regards
  3. Here again a neat picture of my TD, and many thanks for the congratulations guys best regards Andi
  4. Hi brothers I'm proud of my SWAT approval .. it was a long and hard way. But it was worth it. Thank you for the support my Brothers, I will continue to improve my armor as I always notice new details. the next projects are already in the starting blocks Best regards Andi
  5. Yes very .. because I always try to make it as original as possible, that can drive you crazy
  6. Ok, have it overworked again, it looks different on every photo and light influences.
  7. Hi Hausi Thank you for your reply. Enclosed 2 pictures of the change of details best regards Andi
  8. Hi brothers happy and healthy New Year, I looked at my Cheestarmor very closely and I still was not satisfied with the result. I have completely reworked it again today. I am now very satisfied with the supplement below a few photos with details Best regards Andi
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