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  1. vespene

    Racing shirt?

    Pm sent. Thank you
  2. vespene

    Racing shirt?

    I just started this thread a while back. It seems that my time frame on joining the 501st and several approvals coincided with just missing racing shirt runs. I defenetly did not want to miss out on this one. So, I’m waiting with anticipation for the run myself.
  3. vespene

    Racing shirt?

    Who will be doing this run and would you please send me the info on how to order a shirt? Thank you
  4. vespene

    Racing shirt?

    Thank you very much. Very excited about this shirt
  5. vespene

    Racing shirts run ?

    I will keep checking in, but is there an approximete time frame for the next racing shirt run?
  6. vespene

    Racing shirt?

    I’m a newly approved Sandtrooper and very proud do be a member of this detachment. I was wondering if anyone could fill me in on when we will be having a racing shirt run? Thank you..