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    I love to volunteer and Star Wars so why not do both.
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  1. MrFlavaFlave

    TD-79008 "MrFlavaFlave" Tour of Duty Log

    Thank you sir! I love it when the kids and/or adults are wanting a high five, but some hit pretty hard
  2. MrFlavaFlave

    TD-79008 "MrFlavaFlave" Tour of Duty Log

    Troop #7 Date: 2019/17/2 Event: Science Spectrum 30th Birthday Event Location: Lubbock, TX
  3. Congrats on the SWAT level!
  4. MrFlavaFlave

    *done* TD-48104 Requesting Deployment

    Congrats brother!
  5. MrFlavaFlave

    *done* TD-41233 Requesting Deployment

    Wishing you the best of luck brother!
  6. MrFlavaFlave

    *done* TD-10596 Requesting Deployment

    Congrats on the deployment!
  7. MrFlavaFlave

    TD-79008 "MrFlavaFlave" Tour of Duty Log

    Troop #6 Date: 2019/1/5 Event: Northwest Children's Hospital (Monthly Visit) Location: Amarillo, TX
  8. MrFlavaFlave

    Happy holidays troopers of the MEPD!

    Happy Christmas Brothers and here is to 2019!
  9. You are almost there brother! Keep fighting for the Empire!
  10. MrFlavaFlave

    *done* TD-10596 Requesting Deployment

    Best of Luck on your deployment trooper!
  11. MrFlavaFlave

    New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Welcome all the new people, where are all of my Tejano hermanos?
  12. MrFlavaFlave

    *DONE* TD-39793 Requesting Deployment

    Congrats on the approval and I want some of that blue milk that Dutchy mentioned.
  13. MrFlavaFlave

    TD-30571 "bigwams" Tour of Duty

    I am always amazed at how many Sandtrooper are in your area. I wish we had more in West Texas.....
  14. MrFlavaFlave

    TD-18969 (DarthStevius) Tour of Duty

    Wow! You have been busy brother! Keep up the great work and keep them arrest coming in!