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  1. Troop #24 Date: 2019/12/19 Event: Star Wars 9 Premiere Cinergy Location: Amarillo, TX
  2. Troop #23 Date: 2019/12/16 Event: Star Wars Night Location: Hereford, TX
  3. Awesome work at 82 troops! Thanks for patrolling the streets and representing the MEPD.
  4. Thank you sir and I am excited too! The SE sandies are based off of the ROTJ TK so the costume is different than the ANH version. I am excited for the weathering too!
  5. Troop #22 Date: 2019/10/31 Event: Fall Carnival Canyon Location: Canyon, TX
  6. You are almost to 50 troops! Keep up the hard work!
  7. Wait till you get introduced by your host as the "dirty" stormtrooper...
  8. Awesome photos and event brother! Keep up them patrols!
  9. Awesome photos! Keep up the patrols.
  10. Why I am not surprised by this. You are too much bro! Stop being so awesome and share the wealth with others.
  11. Congrats on your deployment rookie! I look forward to patrolling the streets with you.
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