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    I love to volunteer and I love Star Wars, so why not do both.
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  1. Congrats my brother. I hope to see around the precinct.
  2. Troop #28 Date: 2020/4/29 Event: Friendswood Jr. High Star Wars Week Virtual Troop Location: Virtual Troop (filmed at my house).
  3. Troop #27 Date: 2020/4/29 Event: Hamilton Middle School May the 4th Virtual Troop Location: Virtual Troop (filmed at my house).
  4. Troop #26 Date: 2020/4/29 Event: May the 4th Be With You City of Carrollton Location: Virtual Troop (filmed at my house).
  5. Thank you so much and glad to be out here representing the MEPD.
  6. TD-79008 requesting a review and promotion to the Emperor's Roughneck award 25 please.
  7. Troop #25 Date: 2020/2/29 Event: Lubbock Con Location: Lubbock, TX
  8. I want to clarify on my post for stating why I am not completing the SE sandie. I decided to keep the ROTJ TK as is. I will probably convert it later once it turns yellow and thank you all for following this thread.
  9. I did sir, but I changed my mind and will stick with TK until it turns yellow.
  10. Hello everyone!! It is with such sorrow that the ANH SE Sandtrooper will not happen. I am not able to secure a backpack. I will keep the ROTJ TK and just weather it to match the battle of Endor. Thanks to all who followed and I am still available to help with the CRL.
  11. Oorah for command staff. I am available if any other positions are needed or created. Thank you all for serving the MEPD.
  12. Thank you for your service sir. I appreciate you making me feel welcomed when I first joined.
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