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  1. Troop #14 Date: 2019/07/20 Event: Summer Fun Event - Don Harrington Discovery Center Location: Amarillo, TX
  2. I am so excited for the pack! I hope to receive the armor next week so I can began work on it.
  3. Looking great on the SE backpack Shawn. I received the boots, working on the 3D blaster, and the helmet items.
  4. I tried to send you a PM , but it would not allow it. I am good and I appreciate anything related to the SE TD. Thanks.
  5. Thanks so much Shawn! I cannot wait to see the new pack.
  6. Hey everyone, I am finally working on the Special Edition Sandtrooper. I plan to post photos of the progress and all the research I have discovered along the way. There is also a research build in the SE Sandtrooper section that has been super helpful. I will also discuss armor purchase, the E-11 blaster, pauldrons, weathering, SE back pack, and everything else in between. I hope to have this built by the end of the year and I am so excited and cannot wait to add this costume to my collection. I also hope to finish this CRL and get more SE sandtroopers out there patrolling and arresting the Empire's scum and villainy. So far I have purchased ROTJ armor from TM armor, a SE Crookknight's backpack (a new version with new source material), a ROTJ E-11, some items from Trooperbay, and new TK boots. I plan to build this costume from scratch and will update everyone along the way. So until the items arrive, we will play the waiting game. Thank you my TD brothers and long live the 1997 Sandtrooper!
  7. Well I have some ROTJ armor on the way and I plan to get this built this year. I hope to start a wave of new SE Sandtroopers.
  8. So I have done more research into the pauldron and two of them are from ANH and two are rubber. I noticed this after rewatching the scene like 50 times, the GG toys, the transition from the SE scene to the OT scene and how the pauldron matches the one sandtrooper kind of hopping in the back due to a pinch in the armor. This photo also show the ribbed neck and it appears the pauldron is pulled forward. The pauldron looks smaller probably due to the size of shoulder bells on the ROTJ and how they sit over the forearm. I will get more information once my ROTJ ships and I begin working on it. I also plan to continue the research until my costume is complete and ready for CRL submission.
  9. I plan to get this version completed soon. I have spoken with CFO on a ROTJ kit, I believe that the boots I use for the ANH will work since their boots have black soles on them. I plan to order a pack from CrookKnight and I already have an extra E-11. I think I could modify it to a ROTJ and I need to get the pauldron done. I have always loved the SE look from the first time I saw ANH in theaters back in 97. So here I go.......
  10. Yes sir, I plan to reach out to you once I get the armor completed. Thanks!
  11. I cannot find any more info on the pauldron used by the SE troopers, help please.
  12. Dose command staff have an update on the SE CRL?
  13. I think you a lot more photos for the PO deployment. You should read the description on how to apply for deployment.
  14. WOW! Looking great bud and best of luck on the SWAT deployment. I really hope they don't go too ******* you.
  15. I think this will be my next build, I will need to find some ROTJ armor and get a back pack. Thanks for creating this thread, long live the SE Sandies.
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