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  1. Jimbo

    New TD belt needed...

    Hi, thanks DS...no I can't sew much more than the occasional button or flesh wound (no heavy duty sewing machine or skills here either) The local garrison guru has recommended this person below. Any comments as to approvability as a future PO with it ? (I can always trim up the original RS for submission I guess, if authenticity is absolute) http://imperialissue.com/product/canvas-belt
  2. Jimbo

    New TD belt needed...

    I have an RS belt and is fraying like no one's business after only 6 months. I appreciate totally the screen accuracy but I look like hot mess from the rear. Can someone recommend better complete TD canvas belt that won't come apart ?
  3. Jimbo

    TD-11506 "Jimbo's" Tour of Duty

    Troop #7 - ComiConn at Bridgeport Sound Tigers, Bridgeport , CT December 1, 2018 The Commander and I in the bottom shot.... Bridgeport lost btw, again.
  4. Same here...just made a snap loop that goes around the top MP40 strap and then it goes thru the shoulder bell to chest armor strap. Mine hangs fine (on a slight angle) most of the time w/o the magnets (which I plan on trying soon)
  5. Jimbo

    TD-11506 "Jimbo's" Tour of Duty

    Troop #6 - Friendsgiving at Mystic Aquarium, Mystic , CT November 25, 2018 19 Troopers from the New England Garrison and the Connecticut Garrison owned the place. I was the lone Sandie !
  6. Jimbo

    TD-11506 "Jimbo's" Tour of Duty

    Troop #5 - Hartford Symphony Orchestra plays the music of STAR WARS , Hartford, CT October 27, 2018 With TK Michelle who suited up for the second show at 7 PM. https://hartfordsymphony.org/concerts/star-wars/
  7. Jimbo

    TD-11506 "Jimbo's" Tour of Duty

    Troop #4 - Cub Scouts Halloween Party , Bielefield School, Middletown, CT October 25, 2018 A nice little annual event for the kids. A no-blaster event that some smart shiny blatantly disregarded orders !
  8. Jimbo

    MY DLT-21

    Dobje.....I want ! Shipping to east coast USA would be like what for 1 ? Could prolly find 2 or 3 others in my Garrison to get in on one order too...
  9. Congrats on your Sith Lord approval ! I know how long and difficult that one can be....share a picture with us your highness !
  10. Take a look at 'RS Props' too for Armor....
  11. I'm very happy with 'Imperial Boots' and as a vendor they are excellent...if you fit a size 45 (11 US) I have a new pair that I'm happy to let go of cheap. Super comfortable with quality construction. They are ready to go (weathered) for a Sandy...look in the classifieds or PM me. Also, x2 for Anthony Bailey (here) is prolly the best source for correct leather pouches. Another excellent vendor/legion brother.
  12. Jimbo

    Sonix Victory 75 variations

    You know, I bet there is an electronics recycling facility somewhere on this planet that has hundreds of these babies just waiting to be loved once again....
  13. Jimbo

    New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Just bite the bullet and get the RS full commission....it is totally worth it ! You will not be disappointed....
  14. Jimbo

    TD-11506 "Jimbo's" Tour of Duty

    Thank you Steve....lucky for me my garrison is VERY active with events seemingly every weekend to go to.
  15. Jimbo

    TD-11506 "Jimbo's" Tour of Duty

    Troop #3 - Wishes on Wheels, East Hartford, CT - September 2018 http://www.wishesonwheels.com/