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  1. This is my AM. All weathering done with Liquitex water based acrylic paints.
  2. The ones I ordered for myself and others in garrison arrived today as well. They are gorgeous! Thank you!
  3. Let me start by saying you bought a great kit. I have AM armor and love it. I was at the same point as you 1.5 years ago as far as Heavy Weapons trooper va Sandtrooper. I went Sandtrooper and do not regret it at all. As far as the backpack, remember Sandtroopers do NOT have to have one for basic approval. I did mine with none. I am going to build one this winter and go for level 2 approval. But unlike the Heavy Weapons trooper you can troop with or without the back pack! That was huge for me, and I can’t imagine ever wanting to troop as a vanilla ANH TK, so boring, lol. As far as the Mimban, they do look super cool, but, I just don’t have enough knowledge to comment, hopefully someone else will chime in.
  4. Looks amazing! What maker is your armor?
  5. I love it! I may have to get one. And I love the 3PO head
  6. Another mystery from the book, why is the private on the left wearing his belt so low?
  7. Has anyone else gotten this book from Taschen? Looking closely it appears the Road Block Captain V2 has a pouch on his right side. Thoughts?!
  8. So it looks like I'm the lone Sandie in the parade. I'll do my best to represent MEPD. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Z8C_kWgri_AXe0YBhPndYGt2PkBZVKNG5ICwBLbJ4RQ/edit#gid=301543143
  9. I can be a special reporter from Celebration if you’re still looking for someone.
  10. Awesome, I just signed up!
  11. Awesome news, I’ll be ordering one too!
  12. The is just amazing. Anyone here familiar with the production of it? https://www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2019/1/13/18180851/star-wars-short-fan-film-squad-leader-td-73028-soliloquy-shakespeare-maxime-claude-lecuyer
  13. Happy New Year from the Northern Darkness Garrison to all my fellow Sandies! Hope to meet many of you at Celebration in April!
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