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  1. Dragon_a

    e-10 blaster

    I’m about 80% through my E10 build. Just got the last major parts to glue together and then weathering.
  2. Dragon_a

    Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    Just had my Mimban Stormtrooper approved today so requesting MEPD sandtrooper access. TD72822 http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=24387
  3. Dragon_a

    Greetings from Mimban

    Thanks Dutchy great job
  4. Dragon_a

    SOLO - Mimban Trooper CRL Development

    Fantastic news. My only comments (other than to echo the above comments on the bandolier) are on the weapons. Did any Mimbans carry a DLT-19? The E10 should also be there.
  5. Dragon_a

    Greetings from Mimban

    Cool. Mimbans might just get in in time for the hockey shirt run then
  6. Dragon_a

    Greetings from Mimban

    Looking good. Any movement from the LMO as to the crl?
  7. Dragon_a

    SOLO - Mimban Trooper CRL Development

    Thanks. I was holding off dyeing mine until I saw which way the crl would go. Looks like I need to buy some dye
  8. Dragon_a

    SOLO - Mimban Trooper CRL Development

    I agree the bandolier and packs should be optional.
  9. Dragon_a

    SOLO - Mimban Trooper CRL Development

    Fair enough, I'm a big believer in consistency over crls with shared components. I'd be happy to take pics of my shoulder bridges attached to the back / chest.
  10. Dragon_a

    SOLO - Mimban Trooper CRL Development

    Well, to look at it from another angle: does the wording about the shoulder bridges being inserted into slots at the back and under tabs on the chest even need to be a level 2 or 3 requirement? I'd argue that it is a very distinctive part of the armour (one of the more obvious differences between R1 and OT) and should be a requirement for basic. In addition there is currently only 1 maker of this armour anyway and while others are in the works I believe they all have this method of attachment.
  11. Dragon_a

    SOLO - Mimban Trooper CRL Development

    Wouldn't we use the same wording already in the Rogue One TK and Jedha Sandtrooper crls (since it is the same armour)? Level 1: "They may be affixed with Velcro or adhesive. Level 2: blank Level 3: "These shall be inserted behind the chest tabs and into slots of the back plate" I really think we"ll struggle to get a screenshot showing the indent on the handplate, they just aren't on screen long enough. We know it's there because it is R1 armour but as for actually seeing it....
  12. Dragon_a

    SOLO - Mimban Trooper CRL Development

    I can't rember having seen it written down anywhere official. I believe the Solo visual guide just refers to Stormtroopers on Mimban (I'm at work so cant check).
  13. Dragon_a

    SOLO - Mimban Trooper CRL Development

    While we're nitpicking: Mimban Trooper? Or Mimban Stormtrooper?
  14. Dragon_a

    SOLO - Mimban Trooper CRL Development

    That same guide refers to the flashlight on the blaster as a “mist cutting chemical glow rod”. sometimes I think those guides just try to make “new” names for the sake of having a bubble of text to add