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  1. I can't comment on sandies vs HWT, there're better qualified people here than me. However Mimban is not an option with the armour you have, AM is an OT kit. For Mimban you need a Rogue One style armour and bucket for 501st approval.
  2. The blaster section of the crl needs updating anyway. The E11 listed as is is fine (as it describes the "rogue one version"). But are any Mimbans seen with DLT19s? The E10 should also be added (though ours is slightly different to that carried by mud troopers as it lacks a sling).
  3. Looks good. I believe that leaving it mostly grey is the more screen accurate approach, the prop makers used welsh slate for their mud.
  4. Congratulations on your application. Ive considered applying for PO for my Mimban but I have to say the MEPD's reputation for upper levels is really quite intimidating. As for packs being required.... absolutely not. There is no reason to require them. There are few clear pics to base a Mimban build on (trust me, I know) and none are wearing a pack. The only troopers seen clearly in the movie, the ones that throw Han to "the beast"..... no packs. And the argument that OT sandies need a pack to get level 2 therefore Mimbans should too? Sorry that makes zero sense. Different movies, different troopers.
  5. Its loose stitching which you can just pull out.
  6. Also the bandolier is pretty handy for stashing your wallet, keys and phone during a troop
  7. Yep those are the right ones.
  8. Definitely keep the wrinkles in. I doubt troopers were ironing their ponchos in the trenches
  9. Always good to see more muddy boys. Any questions I'd be happy to help where I can.
  10. No that is prior to dyeing it. I sent those pics through before the crl had been finalised, at the time there was a lot of discussion as to what colour the plash actually was. This is the one I used Even after 4 rounds of dyeing it is very hard to get it pure black, nut for me a very dark black / green looks more the part. Any uneveness in the dye also just adds to the weathering affect.
  11. You’re right about the bottom corner being buttoned up to keep it from dragging. on your second pic you can see the draw strings stitched into the plash in a crescent shape? By pulling these tight you will form the square into a cape shape with hood (hope that makes sense?) you can see a pic of mine from behind in the crl picture library: http://databank.501st.com/databank/File:Mimbpalatka1.jpg The material isn’t wool, it is more like a canvas and, to perform its intended military function, it has a waterproof coating. The technique I found for dyeing is simple persistence, keep dyeing it until it gets to colour you want, I think mine took 4 rounds. I then weathered by spraying various shades of grey acrylics. Any questions I can help with please hit me up and I’ll help anyway I can.
  12. Looks good. What method did you use for weathering?
  13. Excellent another Aussie Mimban Where are you based?
  14. Dragon_a


    I weathered using acrylics, the to seal it got a can of the cheapest nastiest hairspray from coles (I see you're an Aussie). Worked perfectly so far.
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