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  1. Thanks! Yes Ive seen this...I would like to EVENTUALLY do one of those configs. The pack will be the hold up till I can get that together. I figure I can start compiling the pouches. Those links dont specify (if I remember right) the material of the pouches tho. Ive seen full leather mp40s, full canvas, and then canvas ones w leather straps. I cant seem to find which is most accurate to use in terms of that material. Any ideas on that? THX!
  2. Hey all. About to pull the trigger on some ammo pouches. I’ll be doing a black pauldron version. It looks like I need an mp40 for the shoulder and Id like to put spanish pouch on each side. My 2 questions: 1) Which pouch material is considered most accurate for both the mp40 and spanish pouches? Canvas or leather or a combo of both? 2) Black pauldron TDs...should I be going w medium or large sized Spanish pouches? Thanks so much for ur input!
  3. Raider

    Potential From Florida

    Thanks for the welcome! I'm the type to aim for Level 2 (or whatever the top tiers are)...but we shall see. Maybe I can convince wife for a new set of TK armor to dirty up and just bypass all thoughts of heading to Chicago for Celebration lol.
  4. Raider

    Potential From Florida

    Hey all! RAIDER (David) here from the Florida Garrison/Tampa Bay Squad. Exploring possibilities of converting my Anovos TK to a TD. Also here to look into the Mimban trooper options as well. My go-to costume is my Shadow Scout...truly a Spec Ops die-hard...but those Mimban capes!!! LOL! Thanks for having me. Looking forward to gathering info, researching, and keeping an eye on the development of the Mimban CRLs.
  5. Raider

    Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access

    Requesting 501st Access. David Sihombing #99924 http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=20741 THANKS!!!