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  1. Thankyou =) Loving that!!! Roadblock reporting to Mos Eisley to get my mind tricked and have those droids sail right past me sir!!!
  2. Thank you, was a great feeling to see it go through =D The week i did the weathering I literally looked at nothing but screen grabs haha! even told porkie pies to some of my Wedding Photography clients as to why there would be a longer wait for their pictures......... so this is a good day! =D
  3. Many thanks Szen! =D Very much appreciated bud!
  4. This is AWESOME! to come home to find!! =D Brilliant! Thank you! A good day in this house, my Son overcame his fear of Spiders and held a Tarantula and I got cleared! Literally Stoked! I'll drop a message with my picture now! =D Thank you!!!!
  5. Thankyou =) and thank you for opening the thread back up. Moving Along................ Pun absolutely intended and my inner nerd has just found myself hilarious! I do (Thanks to Ross from RWA) already have another shoulder bell! The extended strap and additional snap on the unbranded bell was for the purpose of wearing it lower as the Move Along trooper does, but still attached under the fix any prop with tape, tape.
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