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  1. Thanks Hausi I thought I was coming on 2 strong with the dirty spots. I am waiting on an order from Trooper Bay which contains their weathering powders. They were going to be my final pass. But I can see where your going with the watered down wash. Cheers Jade
  2. Hi All I have cut right back on the dark and added in the light tan over the top. I have polished back on the light tan heavy spots. Looking for some feed back if I need to cut it back further to get it a "little cleaner". Thanks Jade
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Looking at the armour after reading your comment. It looks like I jump into a mud bath rather than desert oasis. I will tone back on the burnt umber where less is more and get more of a sandy light tan second pass. Printing off some photos for immediate reference would be a good idea as well. Thanks again, cheers Jade
  4. Hi Guys I am doing my first RS Props TD build. I have joined with the Southern Cross Garrison who have been a fantastic help, but to get the real knowledge on dirt I have come to the experts. I have come to the stage where I have to start weathering the armor. I have done a few pieces so far and looking for opinions to see if I am heading in the right direction. I have been following the Panda Trooper weathering tutorial. In the pictures is the first pass of acrylic Burnt Umber. The next stage will be the mix of Black Burnt Umber and a Sandy Yellow . Last pass being weathering powder to finish from Trooper Bay. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Jade