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  1. I am guessing some older members can provide context, but looking at this 501st History page I found, looks like all the detachments were formed around the same time? https://databank.501st.com/databank/Legion:History Looking at our own website - "The MEPD began in late 2000 as a small group of Sandtrooper costume owners hoping to become the official Sandtrooper Detachment of the 501st Legion. That wish was fulfilled in early 2001." https://www.mepd.net/ I am guessing it's possible members gathered in the Yahoo! Groups? Under another name?
  2. Love it!! Thanks for stepping up, friend!
  3. Also - next on the docket, Bapty e-11 and DLT!
  4. Ah - so close! Sorry for the back-and-forth. More photos! Right Knee Ammo Belt (Drilled out rivet, replaced with split rivet. Painted white, weathered slightly) Weapon (Not sure if this is the charging handle ... think it is? Decided to include new shots of the DLT-19 in case it's not)
  5. As it turns out, I had some time tonight to make the fixes! I am including all the new updated photos in this post here. Also, placed an order for a new bottle for the backpack - will replace that when it comes in :). Still need to make sure the weathering is uniform, so going to continue to work on that. Helmet Tube Stripes (Close-up): Shoulder Elastic Straps (Made to be dirtier, yellowed strap with tea): Cod Rivet (Replaced snap with rivet, filled in gap with ABS paste. Going to keep sanding): Right Knee Ammo Belt (Cut to 90 degree angle): Backpack (Turn around box, clean up the cable): Weapon (Include photos of weapon, add wires to t-track):
  6. Hausi - thanks so much for the quick review! Looks like we posted updates at the same time. I will fix the ammo belt / cod piece this weekend. Thank you for the pointer re: the bottle, I will order and replace. The cabling was for a sound system I am playing with. Here are some new photos of the straps - I noticed the white this morning as well. I dirtied it up a bit just now and will spray with some tea this weekend so the strap looks more yellow/dirty. As for the weapon - the Jawas must've stolen them when I was taking these photos! Here's the DLT-19 (Hyperfirm) I usually troop with. Looking at the previous PO postings, I think I need to add wires to the t-tracks. Is there something else I need to do to bring it up to spec? Lastly - I do have another pair of boots I use that has thinner soles - can replace if we have issues with this pair!
  7. Thank you, Markus! I have updated the pictures in the original post with close-up of the tube stripes and new backpack pictures per your recommendation. Cable was for sound system I'm playing around with. Didn't take new pictures of me wearing the updated pack - my wife might kick me out of the house if I ask her to take more pictures so soon! I do have strapping on the side from the backplate to the chest (had that before I moved over to the current bracket + strapping system) - should I remove? Here's another picture of the shoes from the side - what do you think?
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