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  1. 10. 28.09.2019 Fiktion trifft Realität 2019 Speyer
  2. Strange, they should be back now...
  3. Thank you Roger. Didn't hab much time lately so only a little update, I cut out the teeth. Still need to clean up the edges, I'm not 100% satisfied.
  4. There are many companies, just google the Ral number and you'll find. I used this one: https://www.amazon.de/7031-Blaugrau-Spraydose-seidenmatt-schnelltrocknend/dp/B076VGC13Y/ref=sr_1_6?_encoding=UTF8&keywords=ral+7031&qid=1568220506&s=gateway&sr=8-6&pldnSite=1
  5. Ok, you are right Here, I think it is good now.
  6. Ok, here we go. Mabe a little mistake (cut to much of the front ear) on the left ear, fixed it after I took the pictures.
  7. Thanks Chris. Sadly no, it is a normal ABS Kit. RS stoped producing HDPE Kits years ago if I‘m correct.
  8. Ok, thanks Urs. Your not a pain in the ... I really appreciate your oppinion. I changed the positioning, it should be much better now and the left side looks good too. Here are the comparison pics. The Dome on the left side is a bit to high, but that is easy to fix (noticed it after I took the picture). I think the trap looks better than befor.
  9. Thanks Urs, I'm sure well meet in Speyer. 8. 24.08.2019 FaRK Schiffweiler
  10. Thanks Urs, had that marked on my ref pics but forgott to do it . Here is the Progress from yesterday. I'm quite happy how it turned out, still need to do a bit work on the ear
  11. OK, so I have finally decided to go for SWAT. First which trooper do I want to emulat? Since I have the version 3 backpack and all the pouches, I'm going to try the "Move along" Captain. I am starting with the helmet, it is a RS kit. Constructive feedback is always welcome. First a reference pic. The next stap will be the ears.
  12. I' having the same problem, with the original karrimon straps. Will try the sternum starp too.
  13. 5. 25.05.2019 "School summer party" Mannheim-Vogelstang 6. 25.05.2019 City Summer Event Karlsruhe Bulach 7. 29.06.2019 Comic Con Stuttgart
  14. Thank you Steve, had a litte break between last year and now...
  15. 4. 31.03.2019 Miltenberg Charity Event
  16. Maby try a different browser, for me all the Images are vissible.
  17. Thank you! Looking forward to your backpack build. Thank you very much.
  18. Thank you Urs for your kind words and the time you spent. I'm really happy to join the POs . Thanks Thomas
  19. Thank you. Used the methode you told me, works. Hope the placment is right. Application send
  20. Ok, so here we go. Name: Paul S. 501st TD ID: 28216 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=28259&costumeID=2 MEPD forum name: Duden15 Garrison: German Garrison Armor: Bucket: Backpack: Weapons: Finally: Thank you for your work.
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