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  1. Initial chest fitting.

    Do you then simple step into it? The snap setups I’ve see don’t use rivets at all. I was under the assumption that the rivets were just for looks?
  2. Initial chest fitting.

    Sorry. The side connections between the abs and the kidney plate. I can’t get my hand in there well to snap them up. Wonder if I just need to break the snaps in?
  3. Initial chest fitting.

    On the sides I’m using Tandy 24 snaps. Those **** things are hard to get to snap together. Like I cannot get both sides to snap on. I’m thinking of running good Velcro on one side for ease of putting on. Thoughts?
  4. Noobie here looking for some guidance.

    Been researching the fullers earth method too.
  5. Initial chest fitting.

    I figured that is what I was gonna hear.... is any gap there acceptable? As far as the PO before SWAT. I thought that would be the case too. No worries. Backpack is in the works too. Thanks, think I’ll try the water bath route.
  6. Initial chest fitting.

    Can I get some input on what I have done so far. Is the space between my kidney plate and back alright for swat level? Or what should be done about that? The kidney should butt up at the sides flush with the abs correct? I can’t shift the butt up more can I? Thank you
  7. Noobie here looking for some guidance.

    Looks like I’ve gotta heat up the armor and press some circles out?
  8. Noobie here looking for some guidance.

    Makes sense. I may just use this helmet to get into the 501st. And past that I’ll upgrade. The chest of the anovos kit is good, I just don’t need to apply the buttons correct? Thanks again
  9. Noobie here looking for some guidance.

    Hmm I guess I was wonder the assumption that it was different armor. That makes life a bit easier lol. Actually looking forward to the weathering. Rather handy with an airbrush and painting so it should be fun. The gun is a bit of a downer. But I can imagine I could sell it down the road if need be. Is the anovos helmet a good starting point for the modifications required for the weathering?
  10. Hello everyone. First off loving the forums. Lots of great information here. And everyone has been super helpful. I’ve owned an anovos armor kit since they first started shipping. But was quickly overwhelmed. Bought a kit along with my brother. Sat on the shelf for a few years and after attending a local build party recently and realizing I hadn’t messed up my armor yet I’ve been working away towards completion. My goal from the start was sandtrooper armor. And after realizing there was a higher level than simply 501st with the MEPD I’ve set my target even higher. I’m hoping that my anovos kit is a suitable starting point. No worries if I need another helmet kit or something. But I do have some general questions. Should I just aim for SWAT level from the start, or aim for 501st, then PO and finally SWAT? Can one simply assemble the armor, get approval for that stage of it before weathering? Don’t want to have to go back if something from the start was wrong. Secondly I’m targeting the Cantina captain. But there isn’t nearly as many close ups and information on his weathering from what I’ve seen. Compared to the road block captain. Where does one start about that? I’ve recebtly posted purchased pouches from Blaster8266 and a DLT-21 from HFX. Didn’t consider the fact that the rifle may not be up to SWAT level.... as far as backpack I’m working on purchasing one from Crookknight. Chest is nearing completion. It does not have the shoulder straps as per what I’ve seen on the 501st. I need to either sell my anovos belt/holster combo or cut them off. Your thoughts there? Diamond knee is in the works too. Just need to fit my shins then glue. Any info I’m missing is appreciated. Thank you for your time! Matt
  11. Trooperbay hand guards?

    Sounds like I’m going with trooperbay as I’m not sure I wanna mess with paint adhesion with silicone. Thanks everyone! Matt
  12. Trooperbay hand guards?

    I have discussed guards with him and he claims his cannot be painted? That something I wanna dive into? I’d rather support a small guy on the forums than a larger business. Matt
  13. Trooperbay hand guards?

    I have discussed guards with him and he claims his cannot be painted? That something I wanna dive into? I’d rather support a small guy on the forums than a larger business. Matt
  14. Trooperbay hand guards?

    Are the trooperbay hand guards good or what should I buy? Matt
  15. Snaps or brackets?

    Thank you so much! Onward!